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Coinbase Executes Biggest Digital Currency Trade For One River Asset Management

Jan 8, 2021

Coinbase records executing the biggest ever digital currency trade. Informs that the transaction was done by One River Asset Management.

 It wasn’t long ago when the crypto industry was bombarded by investors from the institutional sector. On the top was Microstrategy which wholeheartedly invested its reserves into Bitcoin in the year 2020. The company knew what it was doing as it had come to believe that Bitcoin was the best store of value. This led Microstrategy to start pouring huge investments in Bitcoin in different intervals. It soon became one of those institutions which was holding highly valued Bitcoin reserves.

It had been informed by Coinbase that how it assisted Microstrategy and other institutional investors to put their funds into Bitcoin.

Head of Sales at Coinbase, Brett Tejpaul told that Bitcoins they provided to Microstrategy were not acquired from the market. He also revealed that recently Coinbase had facilitated One River Asset Management into buying Bitcoins. He told that the Asset Management company had purchased the biggest bulk of Bitcoins ever in crypto history. However, he did not disclose the amount put in and the number of coins acquired by the asset management firm.

Coinbase issued a report in which it had described how Coinbase facilitated the company to execute the highest valued Bitcoin transaction. In the report, it was suggested that it took a number of days to complete the transaction. The transactions were done with the help of the asset management company’s CIO, Eric Peters. Coinbase and Peters worked together on transactions by looking at liquidity and leverages with the help of algorithms and tools. Teamwork allowed One River to acquire substantial digital assets without letting the market to go up or impacting Bitcoin’s spot prices.

Peters discussed in the report that in the next 10 years every institution will integrate Bitcoin in their investment portfolios. He also said that their purchase of Bitcoin will ensure the availability of funds to help run its business in a sound manner.

It was also reported that Coinbase too remained quite busy since the previous month in sending off Bitcoins. It was also reported that most of Bitcoins’ outflow from Coinbase’s platform landed in the institutional reserves.

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