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Coin-Stone – Explore markets and learn how to get involved

Aug 8, 2021

Coin-Stone Review

Coin-Stone company logoCoin-Stone is a company that has emerged with the sole goal of empowering people wanting to get involved in the financial markets. Its vision is to create a place where investors or traders can take advantage of new opportunities using professional tools, advanced knowledge and reliable customer support, all in one place.

Only by making informed and intelligent decisions, can traders manage to succeed and achieve their goals, regardless of current financial status and knowledge level. The suite of services available at coin-stone.com is well-diversified and as the current review will highlight, it includes a large number of features.

The variety of new trading/investing opportunities must be approached with proper knowledge and preparation. Can Coin-Stone provide all of that?

Why people choose to work with Coin-Stone

  • Assets covered – with Coin-Stone, users can learn how to trade forex, commodities, indices, stocks, bonds, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies. The emergence of digital assets is now in the spotlight, which makes crypto coverage very important. Also, diversifying with other leading assets remains important to achieve a balanced exposure.

Coin-Stone assets covered

  • Account types – 5 different account types are available at coin-stone.com, all provided to meet the demands of a global audience. Leverage starts at 1:5 and can increase to as high as 1:100, minimum deposits are different for each account, and the number of features is proportionate with the initial deposit made by each customer.
  • Education – webinars, trading signals, a dedicated account manager, access to the educational center, and consultations with market analysts are just some of the educational benefits traders can take advantage of when trading with Coin-Stone.
  • Bonuses and benefits – for large account holders, the company is offering swaps and spreads discounts. Also, customers can take advantage of cashback promotions, or get involved in the affiliate program.
  • Flexible costs – trading costs are important especially now, when new opportunities emerge daily. Coin-Stone offers flexible spreads and swaps, making sure customers are rewarded accordingly.

Professional customer service

The professional customer service is important to highlight. Those wanting to talk to one of their staff members have a broad range of options available. Email, chat, and phone are the methods used to communicate with customers. This service is available 24/7, a very important feature given other brands are only assisting customers during working days.

Coin-Stone trading platform

Customers can address any issue they encounter when using the platform or the whole Coin-Stone infrastructure. An answer will be provided in due time by one of the representatives.

The bottom line

Whether for traders, investors or institutional investors, regardless of their experience level, Coin-Stone provides benefits for everyone. The full range of services available can have a substantial impact on how customers can perform on the open market. Keep in mind that some jurisdictions might be restricted from opening accounts with Coin-Stone. Each user should check coin-stone.com and see if they are eligible to start working with this brand.

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