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Cardano (ADA) Recovers to $0.3340; Can Bulls Sustain the Upside?

Nov 14, 2022
  • Cardano’s price outlook reveals a decline to $0.3000.
  • The nearest support stands at $0.3217.
  • The alt encounters resistance at $0.3422.

Cardano’s price outlook shows the price action met resistance at $0.3800 before plummeting to $0.3600. Meanwhile, the bulls seem to recuperate. The overall crypto spectrum noted positive sentiment within the previous day. Top players such as Binance Coin and Ethereum gained 7.06% and 7.96%, respectively.

ADA Price Analysis

The Moving Average Convergence Divergence flashes bullishness as the histograms paint green. Nevertheless, the histogram remained minute, reflecting little bullish pressure. The MACD has shown lower momentum over the previous 48 hours.

The EMAs stood beneath the mean level as bearishness plagued the price action within the last ten days. Moreover, the momentum will likely stay low on either side as the two Exponential Moving Averages maintain horizontal. The 12EMA and the 26EMA moved close, confirming less trading activity within the marketplace.

The Relative Strength Index traded close to the oversold territory yesterday. The index plummeted to 30. Meanwhile, the indicator rose toward the neutral level, surging beyond 40 while presenting no signals. Meantime, the RSI trades with a brief upside slope, indicating low bullish strength.

The BB has recently converged as the price stabilizes near $0.33500. The indicator’s bottom offers support near $0.3217 during this publication. Also, the mean line represented resistance at $0.3422.

ADA/USDT Technical Analysis

Cardano’s 4hr analysis reveals a buy signal. For instance, 13 out of 26 leading technical indicators back bears. Meanwhile, only three indicators supported bullishness, indicating low bullish actions over the recent hours. Also, ten price indicators remained neutral, supporting neither bullishness nor bearishness.

The 24hr ADA price outlook confirms this sentiment, issuing a sell sign with fifteen indicators suggesting downtrends, whereas only one supported upsides. The daily chart shows massive bearishness in the mid-term chart, showing faded buying momentum in that timeframe.

What Next for ADA Price Analysis

ADA price outlook shows the alt kick-started recoveries after defending the foothold of $0.3200. Bulls try to maintain the support at $0.3200 as bears stiffen their positions at $0.3400.

Investors can expect ADA to drop towards the footing at $0.300, according to readings on the 24hr and 4hr chats. Nevertheless, more downsides remain unlikely because of lower trading activity within the marketplace.

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