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Bitmax Review – Trade Crypto with a Global Brand

Oct 26, 2020


Secure and professional cryptocurrency trading services are what most of the traders look after, but with so many different financial services providers currently operating, each trading offer is unique and may not be suited for all traders.

The good news is that they have plenty of options available and one of them is Bitmax. Operating with cutting-edge technologies and an intuitive interface, it is a cryptocurrency trading platform with global outreach, wanting to address a broad English and German-speaking audience.

Traders should consider that although Bitmax is an international brand, that does not mean residents in all countries are eligible to open an account. But it wants to provide a reliable alternative for those that don’t benefit from very competitive trading services, given large trading brands are focused on developed markets.

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Cryptocurrency trading does not involve holding the underlying instruments, removing any security threat related to cryptocurrency storage. It is only designed to enable people to take advantage of both rising and falling markets.

On top of that, Bitmax also has strict procedures when it comes to ensuring privacy for both personal data and financial details, and also strong rules for withdrawals to prevent authorized transactions from taking place.

A higher level of security is ensured via the trading platform, as well, a proprietary web-based solution tailored towards providing the highest level of security, on top of a friendly user experience.

Trading Platform

One of the main Bitmax goals is to provide safe cryptocurrency trading via a platform that is accessible to every customer. Operating with cutting-edge technology, it is modern, future-oriented software, that at the same time, easy-to-use even by beginners.

Bitmax ensures that every client can use the latest tools in order to carry out all transactions as quickly as possible, without delays or requotes. The intuitive interface stands out the most and it’s great news for people not yet familiarized with the trading world.

This is a web-based trading platform and because of that, there’s no need for any installation. It works fine with any browser and can be accessed even via a smartphone or tablet. When markets are volatile, keeping track of both valuations or opened trades would be imperative and the Bitmax platform is able to do that.

Bitmax trading platform

Trading Account

All Bitmax customers get access to a single standard account, incorporating all trading features currently available with the brand. Since there are no differences, everybody will be able to trade cryptocurrencies based on the same terms, regardless of the initial deposit or country of residence.

Treating all traders equal is part of the Bitmax trading philosophy. Opinions are mixed on this matter, because some traders, who are able to deposit more funds, want special trading conditions, while those with limited capital would like access to enhanced trading features as well.

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Completing registration with Bitmax is a simple and fast process. Opening an account has been optimized so it will not take long until traders get past the formalities and start trading crypto. Once the account is active, all it takes is a deposit and the trading process can begin.

Only in case of a withdrawal request, customers will need to complete the verification process first. That will imply providing a photo ID, proof of address, and proof of payment (if a credit card was used for deposit).

Cryptocurrency Assets

Because the focus is only on cryptocurrencies, Bitmax currently covers a broad range of crypto assets, including both popular tokens (BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, etc.) and plenty of altcoins with high potential (STR, TRX, NEO, ADA, XMR, IOT, etc.).

From this perspective, it would be important to acknowledge the competing advantage over many popular trading brands that are still covering a small number of cryptocurrencies. Bitmax wants to enable access to reliable altcoins as well, as the crypto market benefits from a massive inflow of new projects.

Pros and Cons

  • Strong security thanks to advanced trading technology and safety protocols.
  • The ability to trade on a broad range of cryptocurrencies.
  • Professional customer support service.
  • No fiat-to-crypto instruments are part of the offer.
  • Only web-based software is currently available.
  • Customer support via phone is not supported.


Cryptocurrencies are here to stay and during the past two years have become increasingly popular trading instruments. Traders from all around the world are getting involved many because of the high volatility and desperately need competitive crypto trading conditions.

Bitmax is a relatively new cryptocurrency trading platform wanting to provide a personalized yet efficient trading offer for those that want to gain diversified exposure to this market. Thanks to plenty of cryptocurrencies currently covered, its customers can take advantage of price movements in tens of different tokens.

With a customer-oriented approach, it wants to consistently provide reliable services and make sure that it stays one step ahead of other competitors.

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