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Bithumb Review: Why This Cryptocurrency Exchange Should Be On Your Radar

May 4, 2023

Bithumb Review

It is no secret that cryptocurrency trading can promise huge profits. However, this asset is extremely volatile which means that its market value can fluctuate and fall or rise unpredictably. You have to be willing to have a lot of your money blocked for an uncertain period of time to trade with cryptocurrencies. The current volatility of the asset is attracting many people to try their hand at crypto trading. The first thing that people who are new to online trading need to know is that they have to find a cryptocurrency exchange platform. So, in this Bithumb review, I will introduce an exchange platform that traders should keep their eyes on.

Bithumb is a cryptocurrency exchange platform based in South Korea and is managed by BTC Korea.COM Co. Ltd. Let’s review some of the features of this exchange platform to see why it is a name that traders should keep an eye on.

Features of Bithumb To Know About

Low Fees and Charges

What makes Bithumb one of the most in-demand cryptocurrency exchanges is the fact that it offers extremely competitive trading rates. Bithumb doesn’t charge any fees or commissions on deposits that you make into your trading accounts. In terms of trading cost, the trading rates that Bithumb offers depend on the cryptocurrency that you choose to invest in which is a fair strategy. The exchange firm also charges a minute fee upon withdrawals however the good news is that the withdrawal fee is very low.

Complete Security

Being a cryptocurrency exchange brings a lot of negative attention from cybercriminals. This is why, to keep its system safe from hackers, Bithumb has implemented layers of strong security protocols. Bithumb guarantees a safe space for trading which is what all traders should look for when they are choosing their platform. The firm has implemented 2-factor authentication, SSL encryption, as well as 24/7 monitoring of their servers to ensure that there is no damage to the security protocols.

Supported Assets

Choosing Bithumb as your cryptocurrency exchange platform is recommended because this firm supports a vast variety of cryptocurrencies. If you are new to the industry, you may not be familiar with how many different types of cryptocurrencies are actually in the market. There are more than just the major names that you hear such as Bitcoin, Ethrereum, etc. Bithumb also supports the trade of several unknown cryptocurrencies that make for great investments because they rise or fall more rapidly than the major ones.

In addition to cryptocurrencies, Bithumb also supports the trade of altcoins which are also an investment option that many traders enjoy trading with.

Trading Platform

Bithumb provides a comprehensive financial trading platform that traders can use. The trading platform is equipped with the latest technologies to help traders seamlessly find the assets that they are interested in trading. The trading platform of the firm provides real-time changes in the market values of various asset pairs and currencies to keep the traders updated at all times. Moreover, to make the platform more accessible to traders, Bithumb has created apps that can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices.

Customer Support

Bithumb provides 24/5 customer support which means that you can send in your queries to the exchange at any time of the day and receive timely replies. This is a great feature since oftentimes traders from different time zones have to wait for a long time before their queries are answered. However, the customer support department remains closed on Saturday and Sunday and on other public holidays. Since the exchange platform is based in South Korea, it provides multilingual support to support the customers who are from different countries.

Final Thoughts

So, if you are looking for a cryptocurrency exchange platform that offers competitive rates, a large variety of assets for investments, as well as a safe trading environment, then you should check out Bithumb. I am sure that reading this review would have given you some insight into the kind of experience that you can expect when you sign up with Bithumb.

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