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Best Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining Websites: Top 8 Cloud Mining Websites In 2023

May 9, 2023

Have you been in the search for the most popular cloud mining website? Then you are in luck because I have compiled a list of some of the best cloud mining websites. These are the top trending cloud mining websites on the web. These cloud mining websites are at the top due to the services that are offered and because they are very safe to use.

If you are interested in finding out which cloud mining website is the most suited to you and will grant you ease, then continue reading. The options that we provide will make it easier for you as they will teach you the ways to rent equipment in order to help in mining. But before we start discussing each cloud mining website in detail, let’s talk about what cloud mining is exactly.

What is meant by Cloud Mining?

What do we mean when we say cloud mining? Well, it is a method that is used to participate in the mining pool. The main goal behind it is to buy “Hash Power,” and the way you profit is dependent on the number of people who participate in the mining pool. So the number of people who buy “Hash Power” through the mining pool will get to share the profit that is generated, and everyone gets an equal amount. If you choose this method, then it provides you with a lot of ease because you can mine without having to use any hardware. This way, you can save up money by not having to buy hardware, as well as utilizing the time properly.

However, if there are any of you who are not interested in participating in the mining pool yourself, then you can choose a company to do so. You will find many companies on the web which help customers make a profit by entering the mining pool and buying “Hash Power” for them. These companies do not charge a lot for such services. Let’s take a look at some of the best cloud mining sites now.

Top Cloud Mining Sites Of 2021

Most people search for cloud mining sites that offer security for their assets as well as having other services that are beneficial. But because the web is filled with many of these cloud mining sites, we thought that to make it easier for you to choose, we will list the best cloud mining sites.

  • HashShiny 

This is the first mining site we are going to discuss. If you are interested in mining Bitcoin, then HashShiny is a good option. It is a really good mining platform. This platform is very safe, and it is really efficient because it will not waste your time. It was first introduced in 2017, and ever since then, it has offered services to mine cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency, which is why when a platform offers its customers the chance to cloud mine Bitcoin, it is a big deal. The owners of HashShiny are very proud of their cloud mining platform because they believe that it is the best cloud mining site as advanced technology has been incorporated into it.

One of the reasons that it is the best cloud mining platform is due to the rates it presents. For Bitcoin’s hash rate, it offers a percentage of 1.5, which is quite high.

However, if you are looking to mine other cryptocurrencies, then HashShiny offers many options. Other than Bitcoin, you can choose any from, Ethereum, Decred, Litecoin, Dash, and Zcash. If these services do interest you and you want to mine with HashShiny, then check out the packages that it is offering. It also offers a hash rate of 5TH/S SHA-56 to its new users.

What is the process to sign up for HashShiny?

There are just three things you need to do before you can start cloud mining with HashShiny.

First: Before you do anything, you have to make an account by visiting HashShiny.io. For this, you just have to fill the form that is available on the site, and it includes entering information such as your name, address, email, number.

Second: After making the account, you have to choose the plan which is best suited to your requirements. HashShiny offers a total of 6 plans for the different cryptocurrencies. The six cloud mining plans offered are SHA-256, EHTASH, SCRYPT, X11, BLAKE256R14, AND EQUIHASH.

Third: the last step which confirms your account is the payment. Once you pay the due amount, you can start cloud mining.

  • IQ Mining

This cloud mining platform was established in 2016, and till now, many customers are extremely satisfied with the services it provides.

This is different from the previous platform as it provides the customers the chance to rent out existing equipment. It is also a top cloud mining site as it didn’t take very long to gain 50,000 customers. It offers a total of 3 account types which you can choose from.

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold

The registration is completely free, and you can start immediately. After you choose the plan, you can decide which cryptocurrencies interest you for cloud mining. This platform is widely preferred by customers due to its user-friendly interface. This means that customers do not face any difficulty while using the site, there are no complexities, and it is easy to navigate. The platform is also available in 4 languages so that customers from different regions of Europe can easily understand and navigate the site. These languages are Spanish, English, French, and Russian. For those of you who are interested in investing in a small account should consider this platform.

  • ECOS

If you are looking for the top cloud mining site, ECOS is the option. It is the industry’s best cloud mining option, and it started out in 2017. This platform was introduced in Armenia that too in a zone which is called the ‘Free Economic Zone.’ It basically is a zone that has allowed the Armenian Government and the firm which provides the cloud mining service. The sole purpose of establishing this cloud mining platform is to help those customers in order to easily cloud mine cryptocurrencies. The second aim was to help those customers who did not want to mine on their own. Through this platform, the customers could rely on the site to cloud mine for them. The company is not just located in Armenia, but it also has a head office in Russia.

As a customer, the safety of your assets is very important. Most people are on the search for cloud mining websites that offer security. This is why ECOS is a really good option because it is not just a cloud mining provider, but it is also legally acknowledged. This is why many customers find it easier to trust ECOS because it was the initial company to get legally acknowledged. Customers can get the chance to cloud mine Bitcoin, as it is the leading cryptocurrency in the world. Due to the company’s reputable image and amazing services, it has managed to secure 40,000 customers. With this company, customers get the chance to choose from many different mining contracts. The least amount that a mining contract costs are around $125. The duration of these contracts is from 6 to fifty months. ECOS also allows its customers to choose any payment method for depositing or withdrawing an amount. It can be using debit or credit cards or cryptocurrencies. If you are interested in using cryptocurrencies for payments, then you have the options of Bitcoin, Litecoin, XRP, and Ethereum.

So why should you choose ECOS? Well, if you decide to start cloud mining with ECOS, you will experience many benefits. The first one is that as a new customer of ECOS, you will get a free promo contract of one-month. You will also get the chance to avail yourself, cheaper electricity, modern equipment, support, many contracts, and tax incentives.

  • Shamining 

This is a platform that was launched in 2018. It was based in the United Kingdom, but it has many farms that are located in other areas. These areas include Capetown, London, and San Joe. This is a platform that is best for miners who are not really aware or knowledgeable about the process of crypto mining.

Therefore, Shamining has made sure that its website is extremely user-friendly so that when customers access it, they do not face any difficulty. To make the Shamining website unique and distinct, it has incorporated animations and processes that are similar to how mining would be seen in a game. A lot of customers have liked this and chosen to mine with Shamining. To start mining on Shamining, you just have to deposit an amount of $100. This amount will ensure that you get a profit of 1.43X on your investment. Customers also get the option of customer support that is available 24/7. Due to the site’s uniqueness and its services so far, more than 8000 investors have chosen it for cloud mining. The site also has an investment calculator that is built-in to the website.

There are four contracts that Shamining offers:

CPU: this contact offers a 23 580 GH/s power for $0.0120 that is per GS/s. It also costs $0.0108 for the maintenance, which is per GH/s daily. The percent of profitability is 143%.

GPU: This option gives you the chance to avail the power of 94 340 GH/s for $0.0113 for every GH/s, which costs a fee of $0.0106 for maintenance that is per GH/s. The percentage of profitability is also increased to 149%.

ASIC: This option offers a power of 235 849 for every GH/s for $0.0109. It also generates a maintenance fee of $0.0104 per GH/s and has a profitability rate of 156%.

When you start mining with Shamining, you will get a bonus of 37% on your initial investment.

  • Crypto Universe 

Crypto universe is a cloud mining site that was introduced in 2018. Through this platform, customers can get the chance to mine cryptocurrencies with plans that are very profitable, and there are a lot of contracts to choose from as well.

However, Crypto Universe offers its services in the Russian Federation mostly. This is because the northern region does not have extremely high rates for electricity, and this helps the site. At Crypto universe, you will get to choose any plan from the three that it offers. These plans include the first, which is standard, the second is VIP, and lastly, it is tariff 2025. Tariff 2025 offers benefits that last a long time.

After you have chosen the plan which suits your requirements, the next step is to choose a contract. In the Crypto universe, you have an option of Cloud Miners and BTC mining. You have to choose one of these contracts to continue to mine. Crypto Universe also allows its customers to purchase mining equipment so that customers can mine on their own. Once you are done and the contract is finished, you can sell your mining equipment to other miners and get funds in return. This way, you get to utilize the tools and not invest an amount anywhere which will not be returned.

The value for equipment that is used for mining has also increased dramatically because of the success that the crypto market has faced. Customers will also be able to navigate the site easily as it is very user-friendly. Crypto Universe also grants its customers that require a minimum investment and do not charge any extra amount.

  • Hashing24

This is a cloud mining site that is very common in the market due to its cloud mining services. It is also one of the top cryptocurrency firms. It was first established in 2016, but the team for Hashing24 had been researching cryptocurrencies since 2012.

This platform has three main locations in which it is based in. These are Ukraine, London, and Thailand. This is a platform that many customers prefer because it is the only one in the market which allows customers to choose from unlimited contracts, whereas other platforms only offer a number of contracts. The other great thing about it is that customers have the freedom to choose whatever hash power is suitable for them. Customers can also choose the payment method which is the most convenient and accessible. One of the things that can help you choose the account type that you want is the forecast profit it represents. Hashing24 only accepts Bitcoin from all the digital currencies. Therefore when you are considering Hashing24, then keep this condition in mind. The good feature of Hashing24 is that it never delays any payments to its customers. It makes sure that all payments are on time.

  • Genesis Mining 

Another big and reputable cloud mining platform is Genesis Mining, which deals in projects for bitcoin mining. This company was introduced in 2013 and to this day is known for offering services to customers so that investments could become easier and more profitable. Due to the company thriving, it has managed to secure 2 million customers, which is the highest amount any of the cloud mining websites have gotten. If you are looking for hash power, then you are at the right place because no one other than Genesis Mining is better at providing hash power. It provides hash power for bitcoin and altcoins.

But if you are interested in broadening your expertise, then Genesis Mining allows you to mine other cryptocurrencies. To do that, you just have to use the hash power that you have, and in return, the company will help you with maintenance so that the process is easier for you. If you are interested in Genesis Mining, then you should check out its collection of pricing packages. These are dependent upon the coin that you want to mine and the hash power that you have. If you compare Genesis Mining with other cloud mining websites, then it becomes obvious that this one is a bit more pricey. But the amount you pay is really worth the services you will receive. It is a platform that provides excellent customer support.

  • Hashflare 

Hashflare introduced itself in the market in 2015, and ever since then, it has risen to be one of the people’s most favorite platforms. Every month this platform gets visited by at least 1 million people. It is also a platform that provides customers with contracts for cloud mining. Hashflare’s customers get to choose from five cryptocurrencies to mine. These are Bitcoin, ZCASH, Litecoin, DASH, and Ethereum. A good thing about this platform is that customers get to choose what type of mining pool they want to partake in. It also allows customers to start with really low investments and also offers various payment methods.


The crypto world has experienced a rise in cloud mining, as it has made mining much easier. One of the reasons people really prefer it is because through using platforms, the need to purchase hardware has lessened. The public can also easily access Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies due to the development of cloud mining. I only discussed the top 8 cloud mining websites, but there are many more present on the web. But these are examples of platforms that offer cloud mining services. All of them have good rates to offer. So choose wisely.

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