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Best Crypto Presales To Invest In 2022 And Beyond

Dec 27, 2022

One of the biggest benefits of buying crypto tokens during their presale rounds is the tokens are available at heavily discounted prices.

But it is also important to look at the tokens’ merits and demerits before investing in presale.

As hundreds of newly launched tokens are available on a daily basis during their presale rounds, very few tokens are worth investing in.

Give Below is The List of Some of The Most Valuable Token Available in Their Presale Round

1. ASTL- A Blockchain-Based Crypto Initiative

ASTL crypto coin was launched by Astol Advanced Limited, a Hong Kong-based group. The company invests in the mining of various cryptocurrencies.

The ASTL tokens project will allow users to get a fixed return by supporting the mining of cryptocurrencies. The company will use the investment collected by the investors and mine the new digital tokens.

In return, the company will offer fixed returns to investors for a specific period.

Moreover, to stay protected against market volatility, the company has diversified its digital currency portfolio.

All investors must do is buy the ASTL coins during its presale round and get the fixed income in return. The fixed income will be offered in USDT.

During the presale round, ASTL tokens are categorized into three categories light, classic and rich. The price of this token will be between $100 and $5,000.

The higher the investors will invest, the higher return on investment investors will get.

2. Bet2ken- An End-to-End Sports Betting Platform

This crypto initiative will enable users to do sports betting using its native token.

Bet2ken is an exclusive online betting platform where betters can bet on all professional sports.

Apart from that, the project also offers play to earn opportunities. Bet2ken is the native token that will be used as the mode of payment for this betting platform.

Those who will own this token cannot only have access to the community reward programs. But they will also be rewarded with the power to govern the platform.

Moreover, for those who will lose their money during the betting, the company spends 25% of its revenues to compensate them.

Currently, the token is 0.1 USD at its all-time low; this is the best time to invest in the token to earn high in the long run of time.

3. Minero- A Mining Play to Ear Gaming Platform

This is another GameFi project; play-to-earn games are banging on the doors and future of the digital currency market as they offer an innovative way to attract the interest of investors.

This is another beneficial project for investors. The gaming platform requires users to play the game, and with the completion of every successful step, the players will mine the RIO token.

Currently, an RIO token can be purchased at $0.020510 USD. RIO is the native token of the Minero platform, and its price is expected to be high once its presale round will over.

Playing this game player will earn a real-time reward, and a specific portion of the RIO token will be gifted to each user who will successfully plays the game.

Investors can withdraw the money by linking their bank cards to using Minero’s wallet.

4. Avoteo – Crowdfunding Platform

This newly launched crowdfunding platform will work as the bridge between the investors and the newly launched cryptocurrencies.

The platform has also launched its native digital token named AVO. Those who own the AVO tokens will decide what sort of crypto projects will be hosted on the platform.

Today at press time AVO token was priced at $0.007876. The past 24 hours’ price indicators show that the AVO price was up by 24%. Experts are hopeful that the coin’s price will rise further.

Now is the perfect time to invest in these tokens mentioned above to earn sustainable profits.

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