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Australian Regulatory Authority ASIC Is Ready To Give Approval For Bitcoin ETFs

Oct 30, 2021

In Australia, a vast-level evolution is being witnessed especially in the matter of Bitcoin (BTC) exchange-traded funds (ETFs) as the fund managers are lining up expecting to acquire approval after the accomplishment of two latest offerings in the United States during the recent week, and it is expected by a few groups that some local options could be included in the market by the coming year’s mid.

ETFs permit the investors to buy several securities, indices, or commodities with having no requirement of a straightforward exposure to a digital asset, and the funds are usually seen as having a lower-risk level of financing in higher-risk sectors like tech or property. After the explosion of Bitcoin into the general market, which came about just four years back, investors have actively been demanding for an ETF to track prominent cryptocurrencies’ price, often looked at as being highly volatile providing a possibility for the conventional investors to obtain exposure to crypto space.

Nonetheless, interest surged to a great extent in the recent weeks following the approval for the earliest Bitcoin Futures ETFs to trade across the United States, as the value of digital currency reached above 50 percent during the previous month to an amount of $85,000. This is, notwithstanding an additional ETF, offered only days following the first one, dipping 2.8 percent concerning the debut thereof. Presently, the ETFs of cryptocurrency is not capable of functioning in Australia because of the regulatory issues regarding the custody of assets, nevertheless, native investment companies are getting ready for the subsequent advancement to take place by the mid of the coming year, having corporate regulator presently accomplishing a review determining the possibility of these funds along with the operation thereof in the market.

It has been confirmed by the chief executive of Betashare (a provider of ETF with the valuation of up to $20B), Alex Vynokur, that the company was having an interest in developing a Bitcoin ETF in Australia as soon as the authorities of the country allow it, stating that this type of fund is necessary to be operated in Australia because the amount of interest in the respective asset class is accelerating rapidly. In the same vein, the managing director of Holon (an innovation-centered fund manager), Heath Behncke, predicted that the launch of a Bitcoin ETF in Australia could expectedly occur in the 2022’s mid, and Holon will hopefully be the lead in introducing a fund at the possible time.

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