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AlphaLive Review – Trade with Leading Technology

Nov 25, 2020

AlphaLive Review


AlphaLive is an updated cryptocurrency trading platform set out for any person sitting at home or in the office,  and allowing him to be able to trade a rich selection of cryptocurrencies. Offering 100% support for beginners’ needs, as well as plenty of other resources and tools, AlphaLive seeks to be one of the top choices for traders that believe in crypto.

Considering few brands are managing to focus on cryptocurrencies and to provide trusted services at the same time, AlphaLive is fully aware that due to the unexplored potential of crypto, it has the ability to be one of the pioneers of cryptocurrency trading within strict guidelines.

With some of the leading trading technologies integrated into its trading platforms, AlphaLive gives its best to optimize your trading speed and efficiency, without having to sacrifice security or privacy. Want to find out more about what AlphaLive is offering? Read this material in full to see if this is the crypto trading platform you’ve been looking for.

AlphaLive logo

Trading Platforms

The AlphaLive web-based platform is the main gateway to the cryptocurrency market, enabling you to trade on any device, directly from a web browser, without any download required. What matters is that customers receive the quickest and most reliable trading tools in their direct control, finally giving them the ability to buy or sell the world’s fastest-growing cryptocurrencies.

Thanks to the AlphaLive expertise, traders can take advantage of next-generation trading technology, superior performance and user interface, fast order execution, and professional customer support, all built into the web platform.

Using technical strategies is currently among the top approaches among retail traders and to be able to take advantage of charting techniques, the AlphaLive platform comes with TradingView charts. That means there are a variety of trading tools available designed to help traders understand the order flow behind the price action context and also, find accurate entry locations.

AlphaLive platform

Placing price alerts, creating favorite lists, making quick deposits, or personalizing the platform are other tasks that can be performed, even by beginners with no previous trading background. The AlphaLive platform can be universally appropriate for different trading styles and techniques.

On top of it, AlphaLive is also favoring mobile trading via an optimized Android trading app. Available for free, the platform is ideal to get involved in the markets while on the go, integrating all the necessary tools and features.

AlphaLive Trading Account

There is only a standard account available at AlphaLive, which means all customers get to enjoy the same trading features, regardless of their initial deposit. Everybody should be able to have access to reliable trading services, given cryptocurrencies were designed for the wider public.

According to the AlphaLive order execution policy, the brand aims to provide the best execution and at the same time, regularly check if the high standards are being met.

AlphaLive is also fully committed to maintaining the safety of funds by using next-generation technologies and common-sense policies. There are AML requirements in play that will require each customer to verify his trading account by providing several identification documents.

AlphaLive account


The good news about AlphaLive is that customers are able to trade tens of different cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether, Tron, Stellar, XRP, Monero, Tezos, or OMG. With affordable margin trading conditions and tight trading costs, the platform enables people to buy or sell any of the instruments covered.

AlphaLive customers are well-positioned to take advantage of new trading opportunities occurring not just with some of the biggest cryptocurrencies, but at the same time, with high-promising altcoins that have lower market valuations and high growth potential.

Customer Service

For any technical difficulty or information, you would like to know about AlphaLive, the customer support representatives will be there to assist you via email or live chat. The service is available from Monday to Friday and thus far got good ratings for the response speed and the professionalism of the team.


  • Fast order execution for efficient cryptocurrency trading
  • Professional customer support service.
  • Next-generation trading technology is used for trading software.


  • No support for other asset classes.
  • the iOS app is not yet available.


AlphaLive has combined experience in the financial, technological, and crypto sectors of the market, putting its expertise at the customers’ disposal. By providing reliable trading technology, professional customer support, and access to a broad range of cryptocurrencies, this cryptocurrency trading platform is in a good position as the crypto revolution still has much room for growth.

This is a platform tailored towards the cryptocurrency space and because of that only traders that want to focus 100% on this market will find it appealing. Crypto trading is safe because any risks related to storage or custody are negated, considering traders don’t buy or sell cryptocurrency tokens, but instead take advantage of price differences at any given point.

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