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AIRSOFT Review – A Leading Trading Platform Provider

Jan 15, 2023


Indeed, most online trading debates focus on the trader journey, overlooking the challenges brokers encounter as they attempt to offer the best investment services. The brokerage industry faces stiff competition, making it challenging to remain the best in the space. Meanwhile, the future of a broker relies on the platform it offers to traders. A broker should attract the attention of potential clients and retain the existing ones. AIRSOFT is a Forex Technology Provider that has existed for over a decade (launched in 2012) and provides online brokers with top-notch brokerage solutions.

AIRSOFT aims at delivering the most progressive services and software and eventually heightening client ROI. 2020 saw multiple challenges for fintech, banks, and brokers globally. AIRSOFT Technology Ltd reacted to the broker needs in February 2021, revamping and rebranding their www.airsoftltd.com website. The new functionality and site present AIRSOFT as a leading brokerage choice while cementing the firm as a desired tech provider for brokers.

AIRSOFT – Forex Technology Provider for All Brokers 

AIRSOFT customers are diverse in global location, industry vertical, and business scope, and AISOFT’s offerings cover these needs. The Forex technology provider provides an inclusive broker package or permits brands to choose their desired package, with all options being customizable. Its services include:

  • Inclusive solution for your CFD, Crypto, and FX trading.
  • Enjoy adrenaline-driven trading with AIRSOFT’s Chrono Trade platform.
  • Mobile App – user-friendly, swift experience with instantaneous market access.
  • Business consultation – referrals for banking, PSPs, legal, and marketing solutions.

All-inclusive Brokerage Solutions

AIRSOFT provides services centered on website creation, maintenance, and hosting. Also, the trading platform provider offers a state-of-art mobile app to customers, allowing clients to customize their applications to match their branding and needs. That means access to an innovative mobile site to provide their customers with their application.

It is available for Android and iPhone. Other software by the Forex technology provider includes commanding platforms for forex, CFD, and the inclusive Chrono Trade platform. Also, AIRSOFT offers back-office systems and customer relationship management.

They incorporate some leading cashiers and payment providers within the marketplace and can add new ones without hurdles. AIRSOFT’s comprehensive industry awareness means they can ensure detailed business consulting throughout the process. Moreover, it assigns a devoted project manager to each customer & staff training on the software.

A Rich Platform for Brokerages

AIRSOFT’s Web Trader is among the most advanced forex and CFD trading platforms. Experienced trades take advantage of the top-notch functionality of the broker, while newbies enjoy the easy-to-use services. Further, traders can access more than 5,000 tradeable assets from 30 exchanges while maintaining many trading orders as they track the products on the highest losers & gainers table.

Crypto brokers that use AIRSOFT Forex technology providers offer their customers a top-notch, single-click platform. Experienced and new traders can take their trading experience to another level using advanced analysis and research tools, an intuitive design and layout, and powerful functionality.

Clients access more than 1,000 assets from different exchanges. In addition, every user qualifies for an incorporated cryptocurrency eWallet, customizable interface, access to advanced technical signals, and many graphs, ensuing money-making trades. As a result, the Chrono Trade platform is among AIRSOFT’s most valued creations.

Comprehensive Chrono Trade Platform

The Chrono Trade Platform allows traders to make timed, short-term, predefined trades to capitalize on assets’ volatility. Chrono attracts investors interested in adrenaline-triggered trading, making it impressive for brokers looking for heightened user engagement. Considering its expertise and top-notch technological solutions, AIRSOFT remains dedicated to offering quality customer service.

Devoted Customer Support

Customer service and support are essential for any online firm. AIRSOFT boasts dedicated customer support that’s ready to handle any problem. You can contact them 24/7 and expect solutions to your queries. Also, you can use many communication methods, including phone calls, live chat, and email, to reach out to this trading platform provider.

Final Thought

Online trading remains lucrative for modern investors, prompting an increased demand for brokerage firms. You only need a leading White Label Forex Trading Provider like AIRSOFT to start your successful journey as a brokerage company.



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