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101Investing Review – 5 Reasons That Prove It’s Great for New Traders of Today

Jun 16, 2020

101Investing Review

101Investing ReviewYou want to start your trading career the right way and so you are looking for the best broker on the market. Unfortunately, finding the right broker when you have so many different options to choose from is not easy. However, broker reviews can make your job easier, that’s what it is i.e. a broker review. In this 101Investing review, we’ll help you understand why this broker is better than most other brokers on the market and why it is okay to rely on it for your trades. Now, you don’t have to take your decisions instantly after reading this review. It is only a recommendation based on the great features this broker offers.

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You are, on any given day, free to use your freedom of choice and go with any broker that you personally think will be best for you. So, let’s discuss those five reasons that make 101Investing better than most other brokers on the internet.

5 Reasons That Elevate 101Investing Higher than Other Brokers

1.      A Strong Broker Profile

There are many things that you have to look at to see how good or bad a broker is. A lot of different components come together to make a broker great. First of all, you have to see which type of trading you will be doing with a particular broker. You can trade stocks or foreign currencies if you want. However, one of the best ways of trading today is CFD trading. This is a legitimate method of trading, one that has caught the world by surprise. Everyone loves this form of trading because it allows them to make money much more easily than they do with other methods.

However, you must not listen to any claims online that tell you that you can become a millionaire or make a lot of money through this method guaranteed. No guarantee ever comes with any trading method. Trading is only trading, you have to put in efforts to make money and that’s what you will have to do with this type of trading as well. The advantage of CFD trading is that you are not under the liability of owning the asset that you are trading. You only have a contract that reflects the value of the asset that you are trading. In addition to that, you can enjoy leveraged or margin trading when you are trading CFDs.

101Investing crypto trading
101Investing crypto trading

This means you will get some good contributions from the broker you are trading with to enter trades and potentially earn profits. So, when you trade with this broker, you will be trading CFDs. Now, you will be using the same platform to trade many different assets in many different markets. You will not have to change the trading platform just because you want to trade a particular asset.

The biggest weight in a broker’s profile is regulation. If a broker is regulated, you can be sure that the money you deposit with it and the information you provide will be safe from fraud. Regulation means that the broker you are about to sign up with has a regulatory body looking into and monitoring its financial matters. If the broker is involved in any illegal or suspicious activities, the regulatory authority can take action and have the broker sealed as well. When you see online that a broker is not signed up, you can just walk away without giving any thoughts to signing up with this broker.

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You will be glad to know that 101Investing is a regulated broker.  CySEC regulates the broker so you can sign up with without any issues. In addition to that, if you deposit any money with this broker, you will have it maintained in a segregated account. The broker does not mix your money with its own money. If the broker gets into trouble in the future for any reason, your money will not be at stake. Last but not least, you will have to say that the broker has paid attention to everything that’s important to the traders. You want safety of information when you provide it to any broker online. You get just that.

101Investing has proper encryption protocols in place, which ensure that as soon as you provide your information on the website, it gets encrypted. The encryption of your information ensures that it is not understandable to anyone who tries to access it without permission. You can also be sure that the broker will not forward your information to any third parties without your consent for marketing purposes.

2.      Freedom of Trading

There are many things that you have to consider when you talk about freedom of trading. So, first of all, you have to look at the assets that you will be able to trade when you sign up with a broker. Will you be able to trade a lot of assets and pick the ones that match your trading style? Of course, you are going to love that this broker provides you with all the assets from financial markets that you can trade and make profits on. Here are some assets that you can trade with 101Investing.

CFDs on Forex Currency Pairs

Forex currency pairs are exactly what their name tells you. So, when you trade forex currencies, you always exchange one currency for another. The idea is to get the currency that you think will benefit you in the future and get rid of the one that you think will end you up with a loss. While trading forex currencies, you have to make sure that you pick the pairs that match with your trading style. You can pick from the ones that hardly move up and down like USD, EUR, GBP, etc. These currencies will give you peace of mind that you will not lose all your investment all at once even if the price of the currency goes down. The movement is very small.

On the other hand, you have some other exotic and rare currencies. These currencies can go up and down very fast and thus are called volatile currencies. They are not safe but they do offer you some great profits when you are successful with your trade.

CFDs on Indices

Indices make it easy for you to trade CFDs on all your favorite stocks at once. You don’t have to pick them separately because an index is like a bundle of many different stocks. You can trade a variety of stocks in the form of indices when you sign up with this broker. There are nearly 15 different indices that you can trade with 101Investing and they come from a variety of markets from around the world.  

CFDs on Precious Metals

The love for precious metals does not die. People who like simple trading go with precious metal trading. There is nothing difficult to learn about precious metals. You can trade CFDs on silver, gold, platinum, and some other precious metals when you sign up with 101Investing.

101Investing trading platform
101Investing trading platform

CFDs on Stocks

There is a long list of stocks from many different companies from around the world that you can trade with this broker. The list of stocks might not be the longest with 101Investing, but it is definitely one of the big ones. You have some big companies on this list. Whether you want to invest in a technology company or an automobile company, you have all types of stocks available for trading with 101Investing.

CFDs on Commodities

You will notice that many other brokers have put precious metals in commodities. However, that’s not the case with this broker. You have a lot of different commodities in this category other than precious metals, which have been put in their own separate category by this broker. Now, if you want to trade CFDs on wheat, crude oil, cotton, soy beans, natural gas, and many other commodities, you will not have to go anywhere other than 101Investing. You find all these commodities in one place for trading with this broker.

CFDs on Cryptocurrencies

There is no asset more valuable and popular than cryptocurrencies in the world right now. The whole world is looking in the direction of cryptocurrencies. People are slowly understanding that cryptocurrencies are the currencies of the world and they want to benefit from them before they become widespread. Today, you can trade thousands of different cryptocurrencies and make money from them. However, when it comes to online CFD brokers, you usually have only two or three different cryptocurrencies that you can trade on their trading platforms. Usually, these currencies are Ethereum and Bitcoin.

However, that’s not the case when you trade with this broker. 101Investing gives you access to a variety of cryptocurrencies, including but not limited to Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dashcoin, Litecoin, NEO, Ripple, and many more.

101Investing mobile trading
101Investing mobile trading

3.      Trader Friendly Accounts

You are signing up with a broker because you think it is very famous around the world, but you have looked at the account types that are available? Just because a broker is great does not mean it can offer you some great trading accounts as well. Some brokers are only great for experienced traders, and you can notice that as soon as you look at their accounts and features. However, you have to agree that this broker wants to take care of all types of traders. Whether you have been trading for many years or have just stepped in to trading today, you will find something that suits you with this broker.

Here are the four accounts that you get to sign up with and their features.

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Pro Exclusive

This particular account is only meant for people who have been trading for many years and have probably made a fortune out of this activity. It will require you to deposit and maintain a lot of money in your trading account. However, the broker has not provided any information about this account on the website. Pro account offers different levels of leverage on CFD instruments, premium access to programs and benefits, more trading flexibility and at the same time dedicated technical support.

Platinum Account

This account type has been designed truly for professional traders. These traders have been trading for many years but they still do not want to enjoy any unnecessary benefits. They just like to trade like they used to before. They are in it to win it. They spend their money on trading and making profit from it. They don’t want any special treatments. With this account, you will have access to leverages of up to 1:500. These are some seriously huge leverages. If an investor uses leverage to make an investment and the investment moves in favor of the investor, their profit is much greater than it would have been if they have not leveraged the investment and of course the other way round. Sure thing is that leverage work as a source of funding and it helps traders to open larger positions with investing less capital.

You will get a dedicated account manager when you sign up with this account to make things easier for you. You will also have a free VPS with your account. What will that do? Well, it will make your performance on the server very fast because you will have a virtual private server just for you. The best thing about these accounts is that you can choose from a variety of currencies as your base currencies. This means you can easily sign up on the broker’s website no matter where you are in the world.

Gold Account and Silver Account

As you can tell from the names, the silver account is meant for people who have just started trading and are still getting a hang of this activity. They might know only basics of trading. They understand strategies but haven’t incorporated them in their trading. They want to keep their risks at minimum and so the broker designs an account just for them. The leverage with this account is only 1:30 for both retail and pro clients. This leverage is only mediocre, but when you look at the requirements of a new trader, you will say that this leverage is just right.

As a new trader, you want to keep your risks at minimum and having a huge leverage can mean amplifying your losses in addition to amplifying your profits. So, unless you have learned trading properly, it is okay to operate with some basic leverage. If you think you have advanced beyond the basic level of trading, you should go with the gold account. In this account, you can trade with leverages of 1:500. You also have a swap discount available of 25%. Last but not least, you will be able to use hedging as your trading strategies irrespective of the account type you pick.

4.      Education for All Traders

If you want to make sure that you don’t end up with huge losses right from the start, you want to start with some education first. Trading education will teach you everything about trading, from basics to advanced methods of trading. Whether you are a new trader or an experienced, you should keep your trading education going. Things are changing in the markets faster than you might realize. Think about it; you might not have even predict in 2005 that there will be a completely new market called the cryptocurrency market ruling the world in just a few years.

Here is what makes the trading education from 101Investing great, different, and useful.

You Choose the Method of Training

It is up to you to decide the way you want to learn trading. Are you someone who understands the basics of trading already and just wants to go through some advanced methods quickly? In that case, you are recommended to learn through videos. Videos can explain even the most difficult concepts in trading with ease. Not to mention, you can learn much faster through videos than you can through ebooks. However, some people like to learn at their own pace and take their time while learning. For those people, the broker has arranged for ebooks.

Now, if you want, you can participate in complete trading courses as well. If you go on the website of the broker, you can get a glimpse of what types of courses are available. You can make things easy for you by completing one of these courses. If you learn them all, you can say that you will have all the knowledge that advanced brokers need for trading successfully.

101Investing mobile app
101Investing mobile app

Different Categories to Make Things Easy

With many online brokers, you will see a lot of material in the training section. However, as soon as you jump into the section, you are overwhelmed not with the amount of information available to you but the way the information is being made available. It is a pity that so many online brokers spend no time at categorizing their training material. It is as though they have added all the training material without a thought. You will feel as though the broker has gathered all the training material only to fulfill the formality.

That’s not the case with this broker. 101Investing has made sure that all of its training material is clear and straightforward. If you are looking to learn everything about training, you can do that. However, if you are finding a particular component of trading that always confuses you, it is easy to find with the way this broker has categorized all of its training material. For example, if you go into courses, you will see that there are courses named as “beginners course”, “trading strategies”, and “trading tools.” Now, you can already tell which section you have to go into if you are looking for trading strategies.

That’s something many online brokers completely miss when they make their training courses available to their traders. They keep adding new material into their training section, but do not think about the ease of their traders.

5.      Trading Platforms for Modern Traders

The trading platforms you get from this broker are designed specifically for the traders of today. You have to pay attention to the word “platforms.” You might want to ask why we have used a plural instead of a singular noun. Well, the reality is that you will be able to pick from a variety of trading platforms when you sign up with this broker. You can pick the trading platform based on your preferred method of trading or the devices that are most common in your life. If you use a desktop computer, you are recommended to go with the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. Why?

Well, this trading platform will need to be downloaded on your computer. Once on your computer, you will be able to use it every time you turn on your PC. If you want to access your trading platform from your smartphone, you will not be able to do that. However, you do not have to worry because the broker has made mobile applications available for its traders. If you use mobile device for the most part, you will be able to download your trading platform in the form of a mobile application. This mobile application will run fast on your smartphone because it has been designed specifically to run on a smartphone.

You will not have to pay attention to what operating system or mobile device you have. The trading application from 101Investing has been designed for all the major smartphone platforms. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android phone, you will be able to use the trading platform from 101Investing with ease. Last but not least, you have the web trader as well. A web trader runs like any other website application i.e. an application that you can use when you are on a website.

Think about using a loan calculator on the website of a lender. In the same way, you will have to be on the 101Investing website to use this trading platform. The best part about this type of platform is that you can use it regardless of the operating system you have on your device, or the type of device you own. It runs on a browser and any major browser works.

Final Thoughts

You can see that 101Investing has invested its efforts and money in coming up with features that actually matter to the traders from around the world. If you like trading, you will love the leverages being offered to you and the trading platform choice. Not to mention, you will always trade with mental peace that your broker is regulated and that nothing wrong will happen to your information and money because of fraud. You have read about the broker in complete details and now it is for you to make a decision.

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