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Why Analysts Think That Blockchains Should Become Secure and Regulated Before Focusing More on Decentralized Financing (DeFi)

Sep 28, 2020
Why Analysts Think That Blockchains Should Become Secure and Regulated Before Focusing More on Decentralized Financing (DeFi)

What started off as a means of mining, buying, selling, or trading decentralized tokens from peer-to-peer through the internet network has now become an entire ecosystem by itself where projects and products are being created every single day, and is set course to become an entire universe. Yes, the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry is experiencing rapid growth with respect to its development that includes its framework, mechanism, following, and adaptability in other sectors.

In today’s time, the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) sector of the blockchain industry has emerged as the fastest growing and beneficial instrument for the crypto-blockchain users. From the blockchain sector, there are more than two different projects being run to develop and introduce unique decentralized financial products that can target attract more users towards the DeFi sector, which in turn would increase the growth of the blockchain industry. The success of these DeFi products is bringing in so much positive feedback that the number of these projects is constantly going up.

In such a short amount of time, the decentralized finance sector has amassed so much success, and following that they have recently achieved a locked money target of $7 billion. However, with rapid growth and developments, risks and problems are bound to elevate as the more the users grow, the more demanding they get. Such a large amount of users can give birth to issues and pains, which if not controlled at the right time, can become big disasters. 

Therefore, it is extremely important for the blockchains to first work on creating a safe and secure environment for their blockchain to operate smoothly for the users so these run on auto-pilot. The blockchain industry needs to spend more of its resources on increasing its security systems, scalability, and reliability. Most important of all, the blockchain industry needs to build up a regulatory framework where the blockchain sub-sectors such as decentralized financing can thrive and operate with their full potential, releasing more secure and useful products with every passing day.

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