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TradeLTD Review by Bentley Kapoor
TradeLTD Review by Bentley Kapoor

TradeLTD Review

TradeLTD didn’t just start today. The company’s history traces back to as far back as 2010 when a group of individuals who loved trading gathered together and after a carefully thought process decided to launch a trading platform.

Crypto Comeback Pro is an automated cryptocurrency trading app that automated all of a traders actions and leaves out emotion and fear, decisions are made by the software only on the signs that the markets are crashing or booming. Entering a trade at the right time is %99.9 better than human trading, because it works on an algorithm programmed by expert traders and can ultimitely cut losses and increase profits for even the most novice traders.

The company traded and gathered immense experience, before its registration in 2016. Today, the small trading platform that started in 2010 has metamorphosed into one of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency trading platforms, boasting about 100 trading strategies and 35 professionals on cryptocurrency trading.

There is no doubt whatsoever that the company is living up to the standards it has set for itself. Here, we will take a look at some of the features that stand this trading platform out as one of the best.

Features Of TradeLTD

Account Types

The platform mainly operates on three distinct account types, including standard account, premium account, and VIP account.

Standard account: This represents the lowest level account on the platform and requires a minimum of 500 USD as a first deposit. The account type sets its minimum non-commission spread at 2.5 pips for traders. Maximum leverage is 1/200.

Premium Account: The premium account operates as a middle-level account and has its initial first deposit set at 5000 USD. It works on a commission level of 3.5$/100k. Its minimum non-commission spread is set at 2.1 pips.

VIP Account: Operating with a minimum initial deposit of 5000 USD, the VIP Account represents the highest level account type and has its commission set at 2USD/100k, with a non-commission spread of 1.4 pips.

Easy Account Opening Procedure

Unlike many other cryptocurrency trading platforms with complex interfaces, TradeLTD offers easy account opening procedures. All it takes is to log in to the website, click on the open account, fill out the form, and you are good to go. Quick and easy.

Offers Very Easy Account Funding And Withdrawal Process

Account funding options are limitless, as users can easily fund their accounts through electronic transfers, credit and debit cards, and other online payment methods. For withdrawal, once your account has been verified, withdrawal is as easy as clicking a few buttons.

Simplified Trading Software

The trading platform includes Meta Trader4, web Trader, and Mobile MT4. With the Web trading platform available across multiple languages and allows for use on computers and laptops at every time.

Guarantees Safety and Security

TradeLTD has inculcated special technologies and software in collaboration with all laws guiding international money transfer as a way to ensure that investors enjoy safe, secure and hassle-free moments on the platform.


Trading cryptocurrencies involve a lot and require expert knowledge to be successful in it. Aspiring traders and newbies will always need a platform that will help provide them with a basic understanding of how to start in other to maximize profit, and these are precisely what TradeLTD guarantees.

To start trading now visit tradeltd.com website.

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