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TradeFW Review


Have you been looking to work with a firm that gives you expertise platform, robust and straightforward experience? The TradeFW updated review will help you make the best and effective decision as you interact with the professionals. The company’s primary goal is to provide all dealers uncomparable platform, appropriate, and full of vast knowledge. You will find never-ending potentials immediately you venture with them.

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TradeFW makes all the effort to improve the products, teach the clients more about the services and creates up to date products. The motivation arises from the fact that CFDs and Forex have turned out to be more widespread than before.

The company is certified and licensed by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission under the name ITRADE GLOBAL (CY) LIMITED.

The products

Contracts for Difference

The company has ventured into CFDs known for a broad range of marketplaces once a venture capitalist gets an opportunity to trade. The factor is in the line of work on the undertaking of commercial products even without an intention to purchase an asset.

When you work together with TradeFW, some benefits are underway. These include;

Ability to do business with many markets

The significant advantage of considering CFDs is the market opportunities. A shareholder can access up to 15,000 demands or more. You can exchange cryptocurrencies, commodities, indices, shares, and much more. You only need to log in once to gain the access and start interacting. Also, the navigation of the links is flexible and easily reached through a PC and a mobile device. You can trade throughout the day, therefore, achieving your optimum profits from the firms’ allowed flexibility. The greatest thing you need to understand is the fluctuation in initial costs in various marketplaces.

The trend looks like the general market

TradeFW is not different from other firms involved in brokerage. The number of shares you purchase or sell will be the same value deposited, into your account. The company tries to maintain all the standards and operation ethics as required by a country. The operations are allowed in regions that would enable the trade only.

All have an opportunity to invest

When you understand the requirements of CFDs and gets interested in getting into business with TradeFW, there is no limit. However, without proper knowledge, it would be risky to start trading.

Be aware of the costs and possible results of the new business. CFD enables one to prepare for the risks mentally and make a wise choice.

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The platform has policies

TradeFW provides some tools to help control and cope with risks. The methods include putting in place the lowest and highest amounts that can be deposited by an investor. CFD trading lets you analyze what is involved and know the expectations. In the event this happens, the account is closed to make you not continue depositing.

Increased share portfolio

The ongoing transactions in your account accredited to you. Evry moment you withdraw or deposit your share value increases and earns you a profit. In case of the shares value decrease, it will be right to close the account to cover the damage suffered against future proceeds.

Lack of restrictions

When one gets to CFD trading, there are both external and internal benefits. You are free to trade whenever you want and feel you should. You operate at the convenience of your home or other desired workplace. The daily and annual income depends on how much you purchase.

Great support achieved

When one decides to venture into CFDs, you find enough time to assist your family and relatives. The profits and revenues received can be given for charity. Also one gets to mingle with various marketplaces and mostly the potential and leading sellers and buyers. The exposure makes one openminded and able to give to the society.


Foreign exchange or tradingFX is spread out worldwide in all the currency markets. The coverage is the widest in the world.

The other worldwide known product in the liquefied marketplace. In the working time of TradeFW, 25 hours a day and five days a week, you can purchase and sell the currency and earn $5 trillion daily income. The commonly allowed exchange modes include the USD/JPY and EUR/USD. Also, the USD/ZAR and the USD/TRY are permitted.


When you decide to buy or sell Indices, then you have the freedom to interact with leading businesses. The goal is to reach to a specific market section. CFDs on store indices purchase from any corner of the world. The DAX, NASDAQ, S&P 500, and Nikkei 225 are involved in appreciating the diversity.

Indices usually show a change when the general market affects companies significantly. The effects include; political instabilities, high inflation rates and many unemployed populations, the performance of trading potential firms and index stocks performance


The primary structures of the current global economy are commodities. The fact has existed in the old days and remains. For you to expand your portfolio, consider buying or selling items as oil, gold, sugar and added CFD merchandises. You must find the tightest ranges and use easy hazard managing tools.

Some of the commodities include;

Extracted hard metals like silver, copper, platinum, and gold

Soft agricultural products for human consumption like corn, coffee, and wheat.

Energy sources like natural gas and crude oil which significantly influence the political and economic effect in the whole world.

The factors that shake the markets significantly include available portfolios and stocks, exchange fluctuations, increased inflation rates, production stoppages, like excess yields, attacks, conflicts.

Also the difference in demand at a specific time.

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Why choose TradeFW

Every information on the platform explanation is chronological. You do not need to download but open and continue reading. Though, there are various company policies available in a friendly format for download.

The platform design shows excellent expertise. The details and information are straightforward, and self-explanatory understand with clear explanations. The customer’s service is incomparable.

The company offers a wide range of trading products and valuable assets. The number is up to 60+ including exchange pairs, indices, metals, commodities, and CFDs

When buying or selling, the customer service is excellent. TradeFW has made arrangements and enabled all individuals to interact with the team anytime. This accessibility provides a good trading involvement.

Payment Methods

The payment options are flexible and straightforward; this makes it fast and stress-free to deposit or withdraw. The possibilities are convenient. The methods include Paysafecard, credit card, wire transfer, and MasterCard.

The funds are secure; clients and corporate funds are in no time will be in the same accounts. The primary purpose for the deposits is to exchange the products via the platform. All funds are availed in time whenever needed as explained when venturing.

The least allowed amount is 250 in CAD/SGD/AUD/GBP/EUR/USD values. In case of other currencies including SGD/CAD/AUD are used, it is necessary to exchange to EUR or USD. The client provides the extra charges.

Trading Platform

The commonly used purchase platform is the MT4. The features and capacity give an opportunity to sell like a professional. The platform covers a vast region and allows the purchasing of all the products.

The registration process is quick, all you need is a valid email and all personal details filled into the system. There are two types of accounts; the ECN VIP and ECN standards.

ECN standards are for beginners and individuals with adequate experience allocated the ECN VIP. The minimum payment is 250$ and 10000$ as the highest sum with the maximum leverage of up to 1:30 and 0.6 to 200:1 pips.

You need to select an account that will satisfactorily serve you without frustrations.


  • There is an in-built charting platform; two types offered; the CandleStick and line chart
  • One-click trading
  • Analysis tools
  • Expert advisors that give the capability to download and use
  • 85 previously mounted indicators
  • Build and customize your technical analysis indicators
  • Order implementation capabilities
  • Many order categories
  • Navigation Window
  • Numerous chart setups

The account is available for the website, IOS, Android and desktop users. At your convenience, you can use and access your account and monitor any progress that is ongoing.

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TradeFW has partnered with experts and professionals in risk managers, payment processors, and forex agents. The companies handle all side of Forex Trading and CFDs to increase the all-around purchasing need.

The agents partnered with include Cysec, MiFID, and the Controlling agencies in every country they have set up. The companies aid in offering promotion services and are responsible for expansion.


Inputting customers requests

The highly dedicated staff receives and confirms all orders once sent. The account managers then follow up on the financial tools and complete the transactions. All the received requests for purchases dealt with in time.

Customer Support

Through the various online platforms and on phone chats, the customers are attended to adequately. TradeFW is available online and via the app to engage you.

Transactions and sales

The dynamic sales team and key account managers always look to answer all your queries. Usually the client bonds with the company through the dynamic team worldwide. The passion in the team hastens the sales process and all funds released in time.

Relationship Managing

TradeFW values the existing and new potential customers and does everything possible to retain the clients. The company offers excellent services to avoid frustrating the traders.

Publicizing and Promotion

The online platforms high utilization provides an excellent place to discuss issues with traders. The various tutorials and extensive explanations of the products is an asset to draw many to venture into business.

Lawful documenting

TradeFW being a certified company and with a goal of interacting with their clients online has made available all the required documents. The brochures are download enabled and described every policy in the interest of all customers.

These include and covers; funding method, cookies, deposit and withdrawal, complaint handling, conflict of interest, customer categorization, investor compensation fund, risk disclosure notice, services offered, terms & conditions and disclosure and market discipline reports.


TradeFW is currently operating worldwide and headquartered in Limassol Cyprus. The company commits to serving the clients excellently by all through customer support that is Monday to Friday, 24/5 availability.

The various accounts that are available remain suitable, and an interested trader left to decide what is proper. The key accounts managers always assist should there be any question to be answered through a live chat.

The adequate tutoring resources provided analysis is on a day to day basis either on a mobile app or the compatible application on your desktop. These are written and clearly explained in a multilingual for all to understand. The updates are done daily and get enough knowledge to the clients.

In case you need to make an update, or you forgot some login information, one needs to request via mail and addressed promptly. Any query and answerers posts are here.


The diverse products provided by TradeFW platform and website is an excellent firm to venture. The environment ensures security and safety of your funds. The robust support from the staff and developed software and application keep all individual and financial data inaccessible by anyone. Your investment’s protection is guaranteed.

The professionalism when handling your assets; held in set apart account from the corporates. The funds are set aside for purchasing Forex and CFDs within the web. The successful requests to deposit and withdraw and revenues disbursement are timely as explained on the site.

You need to get adequate knowledge of the products and how the whole process completes before deciding to risk. The country you reside in should permit trade with all or a number of the items. Get familiar with all requirements and company disclosure on risks; then confidently invest.

TradeFW is globally licensed and therefore is safe to get into the business. The company prepares an individual before deciding to take the risk. The various account options suit you well with many trade options.

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