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Terminator Might Be From Future But Doesn’t Believe In Future Currency Bitcoin

May 10, 2021

Famous action star celebrity who is currently enjoying his successful career as an American politician i.e. Arnold Schwarzenegger has apprised that he has never invested in Bitcoin or any other digital asset. He compared himself with Warren Buffett to suggest that he never gives importance to any investment vehicle, which could not understand.

Schwarzenegger was once a globally famed action star who appeared in various blockbusters. He played lead roles in several action movies, which include Commando, True Lies, Total Recall, and Predator. However, Schwarzenegger’s film career was never the same when he played a lead role in the global blockbuster movie “Terminator”. However, now Schwarzenegger has quit playing action hero roles in the movies, yet he makes a guest appearance in several recently produced Hollywood movies.

During his film career, he started to makeshift from the film industry into the political arena. His fame helped him a great deal and he soon became the Governor of California.

Last Thursday i.e. 6 May 2021, Schwarzenegger’s interview was published in a weekly magazine of New York Times. During the interview, Schwarzenegger apprised his views regarding the highly valued crypto asset, Bitcoin. He categorically apprised that he had never invested a penny neither into Bitcoin nor in any other cryptocurrency. He said that he thinks of himself as if he is Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway’s Chief Executive Officer. He suggested that he never invests in anything, which he does not understand is a good investment vehicle.

Buffett is widely known within the Bitcoin community as a “faultfinder” in Bitcoin. At one point in time, Buffett criticized Bitcoin and said that Bitcoin is like rat poison. He suggested that if you have to kill a rat in the house, you need to give him cheese with some poison in it. He claimed that Bitcoin is a poison while its fans are rats and they have been moving towards their death gradually.

On several occasions, Buffett has been seen claiming that he never intends to invest in anything, which is hard to understand. He said that he is a straightforward man and likes traditional trading products instead of non-existing so-called crypto assets. However, within the US and in global markets, he is regarded as one of the influential businesspersons. He is also a part of the world’s leading economic giant called Berkshire Hathaway, which is engaged in multiple businesses.

Schwarzenegger has been a big fan of Buffett as Schwarzenegger has contacted him on several occasions for seeking financial advice. Even at the time when Schwarzenegger was selected as Governor of California in 2013, Buffett was a part of his election campaign. After winning elections, Schwarzenegger also returned the favor by appointing Buffett as his senior advisor in the matters of economics and finance.

Thereafter, Schwarzenegger remained California’s Governor for a further term and succeeded by another governor in 2011.

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