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SHIB Can Be Used On Amazon For Purchases, Bitpay Makes It Happen

Dec 17, 2022

BitPay has just taken the entire cryptocurrency industry by storm making a major announcement for the entire Shiba Inu (SHIB) community.

The payment service provider has announced that people can now purchase goods and items from Amazon using SHIB. This is news no one had expected to come out in favor of SHIB.

BitPay Helps SHIB Expand

BitPay has just announced on Twitter that any brands that support BitPay will support SHIB. This means that SHIB users can visit any merchant or online brand that supports BitPay and pay in SHIB.

This is a huge utility that BitPay has offered SHIB at a time when the second-largest meme coin needed it the most. The announcement has worked like a charm for SHIB as its trading price has started pumping.

BitPay has confirmed that all of the brands that accept their payment channel will accept SHIB. Even the largest e-commerce platform, Amazon supports BitPay.

While Dogecoin (DOGE), currently the largest meme coin by valuation, awaits its integration with Twitter, SHIB has already earned a huge achievement.

BitPay Teased a Tweet from January 2022

It was back in January 2022 when BitPay teased its followers on Twitter that Amazon was accepting SHIB as a payment method.

It had the entire SHIB community very excited until it confirmed that it was just teasing.

There is a possibility that BitPay had started its talks or the process of bringing SHIB to Amazon at that time and kept things hidden from the community.

However, the payment service provider has just made things very interesting for SHIB. Now the competition is going to get heated up between the SHIB and the DOGE communities.

The SHIB community has been mocked by the DOGE community over the lack of utility of the second-largest meme coin.

It is true that the meme coin had failed to find any significant utility despite being around since 2021.

On the other hand, DOGE has been utilized on multiple platforms, giving its community the opportunity of teasing the SHIB community.

It has become evident that the tables have been turned and SHIB has a great advantage over DOGE. It is now accepted on Amazon and other major brands that accept BitPay.

Major Brands Supported by BitPay

BitPay is not like the typical payment service providers. It is one of the top choices in the United States when it comes to crypto adoption.

Several institutional firms and entities in the United States have adopted BitPay for offering and accepting services in cryptocurrencies.

Even the international platforms wanting to offer the US locals access to make payments in crypto choose BitPay over other providers in the US.

Some of the major brands that currently accept BitPay include Hotels.com, Uber, Google Play, and Spotify. All of a sudden, the service provider has brought an abundance of utility for SHIB.

The provider has revealed that it had begun its final integration for SHIB on December 9. They also had to make the necessary adjustments from their end so the businesses could also accept SHIB.

The service provider is already offering support for multiple cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Cash, Wrapped BTC, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin.

How has SHIB’s Price Reacted?

Right after BitPay’s announcement on Twitter, SHIB’s price started pumping. In a matter of minutes, the trading price of SHIB has pumped by 4.19% and it is currently trading at $0.000008501.

Prior to the surge, the trading price of SHIB was at a low of $0.000008144. The SHIB community is hoping that the trading price of the meme coin may continue surging for a while to push it higher.

At the time of writing, SHIB’s market valuation is at $4,666,573,199 and it ranks as the 14th-largest cryptocurrency by market valuation.

The trading volume for SHIB has also surged by 58.23% in the past 24 hours.

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