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Primeholders Cryptocurrency Exchange Review

A Quality Digital Asset Investor Platform

There are a variety of cryptocurrency exchange market, but not many of them have the traits that encourage Bitcoin and other crypto users to use their exchange services. These pioneer cryptocurrency exchanges are gradually becoming inconvenient as well as more expensive because they continue to increase their service charge rates. This is one of the major reasons why new cryptocurrency exchanges are making an appearance on the scene. Each of these new platforms is trying to come up with the best possible innovations. One of these relatively new digital assets platform includes PrimeHolders, which has become prominent fast as it has some catching traits that give it a major advantage over others. 

Become a Digital Asset Investor With PrimeHolders.com

As aforementioned, PrimeHolders is a digital asset investor and trading platform that can be used by traders for participating in the cryptocurrency market. The platform offers people all over the globe the opportunity to trade in popular and recognized cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and various other digital currencies. The good news is that you don’t have to deal with a lot of steps when you are signing up at PrimeHolders as it they have a simple and clean process. It only asks for the most basic information along with proof of ID and address to ensure the details are authentic.  

It doesn’t take longer than a few minutes to complete this online form and then you are good to go. One of the top reasons why PrimeHolders has become notable in the market is that it caters to both professional and new traders and aims to provide them everything in one place. The platform is highly secure and seeks to enable traders in achieving their goals of minimizing their risks and maximizing their profits through a reasonable investment. You can find all necessary trading tools that you may need for implementing your strategies.  

Fees and Charges  

It was discussed above that the pioneer cryptocurrency exchanges are losing their popularity because of their very high charges and ever increasing fee. Yes, trading these cryptocurrencies has the potential of providing huge returns, but it is the traders who are bearing the risk by putting in their money. Therefore, they are entitled to keep the returns and they do not want to share a major portion of their winnings with exchanges that are serving as intermediary. More and more traders are looking for platforms that can have low or reasonable charges and fee.  

This list of cryptocurrency exchanges also include PrimeHolders, which is one of the most cost-effective options at the disposal of traders. This is due to the fact that PrimeHolders doesn’t charge hefty commissions for the services it provides and offers one of the best fee structures you will find in the market. This cryptocurrency trading platform understands the effort traders make during trading and the risk they are taking so it doesn’t impose any huge charges on them and allows them to take most of their earnings home. This is not all as PrimeHolders also stands out in the market when it comes to processing fees.  

Whether you are using debit or credit cards or making payments or withdrawals via bank transfer, it is a given that some processing charges are involved. PrimeHolders covers this fee on the behalf of its users, which means that traders don’t have to deal with it. This is a huge benefit because it means that traders can make quick payments and withdrawals without constantly stressing about the increasing trading cost. When their overall expenses are minimized, it is a given that their profits will rise and they will see a higher return on investment. Thus, for all those traders who don’t want their money going into trading charges and fee, PrimeHolders Digital Asset Investor platform is the way to go. 

Privacy and Security  

Security is a major concern nowadays. There was a time when this was just applicable for financial information as people didn’t want their credit or debit card or even bank information falling into the hands of cyber criminals who would then just use it for their gain. However, cyber security concerns have now expanded to include even personal information and other data because even that can be used for committing identity theft and various other crimes. These threats all exist for traders as well when they are signing up on a cryptocurrency trading platform like PrimeHolders.  

But, the best part is that PrimeHolders is fully aware of these vulnerabilities due to which it allows for a reasonable amount of security for every single account that’s registered on its platform. They make use of sensitive data encryption to ensure that the chances of any hacker fraud are reduced as much as possible and that the individual funds of traders are kept safe. There are various methods they have implemented to achieve this goal such as offering login guard, cold storage, multi-signature signing and segregation of wallets from the primary platform.  

As a matter of fact, PrimeHolders has made use of the services of top security experts to ensure that no data is compromised in any way, whether personal or financial. Everything is backed up securely, but third party audits are performed regularly to ensure everything is in place. A single person is not provided with the authority or power to change the system or code without permission or anyone else’s knowledge. The data is not just encrypted when in rest, but also when it is in motion that is being transferred. Furthermore, a complete KYC and AML program is also operated by PrimeHolders and it has maintained strong ties with banks for smooth and secure transactions.  

Customer Support  

The introduction of online trading platforms meant that investors had the opportunity of bypassing humans when making trades and they found this much better because it meant that less had to be paid in commissions. However, these traders have always needed customer support and even the most independent investment needs assistance every now and then. Therefore, it is not surprising to know that when trying to choose a platform, traders put a lot of emphasis on the quality of customer support.  

If they are stuck somewhere and not able to get support at the right time, they can end up making wrong decisions, which can lead to huge losses in the long term. In this regard, PrimeHolders will be one of the best choice available because they provide the most comprehensive customer support service. When you wish to get in touch with them, you can use the email address provided at their website and send in your query. Their response will be received within 48 hours and the best part is that they will provide you meticulous and thorough answers that will give you the guidance you need.  

No matter what question you may have, PrimeHolders have experienced and skilled agents who are ready to provide you with prompt responses that can resolve your issues. Their assistance and tips can help you in getting started on the platform and make the trades you want in order to earn a substantial income. They can help you understand the platform and how to operate it, the steps you have to follow and anything else that might be troubling you. PrimeHolders considers its customers a priority and you will realize this when you make use of their support services and measure the quality of their response, which is far better than any other platform out there. 

Pros and Cons  

When you decide to use PrimeHolders Digital Asset Investor account as your way of trading in the cryptocurrency market, you will realize that it has a number of perks to offer to its users. First things first, its trading software sets it apart from the others out there. PrimeHolders has kept up with the innovations in technology and its platform runs on computers as well as smartphones and also supports application. You can run it in several languages and it has an intuitive and user-friendly interface that means there is a very small learning curve to overcome, even for beginners and novices. Plus, the trading software is extremely fast and you can make trades quickly to make great profits.  

Another benefit of PrimeHolders is that it allows leverage trading and the tools that are available for this purpose can be used for reaping higher profits without having to add any additional capital. You can increase your exposure with the leverage provided thereby maximizing your potential returns. In addition, as direct market leverage is offered by PrimeHolders, all trades are executed in a fair and transparent manner. The security of the platform is also something to note because it implements bank grade security for financial and other data.  

There are a plethora of payment options available at PrimeHolders for the convenience of the traders and they can be used for various currencies including US Dollar, Euro, the British Pound and plenty more. But, some traders might be disappointed with some of the cons they find in this trading platform. For instance, PrimeHolders deals in cryptocurrencies, but in terms of Fiat currencies, it only offers support for the Euro. Also, traders from the United States and some other countries around the world are not permitted to trade on this platform because either it is not licensed there or their country regulations don’t allow them to trade cryptocurrencies.  


Why does a website have Frequently Asked Questions? Every website you visit, no matter what it is about, it will have a FAQs section. This is also part of the customer support service. When people have a problem concerning the website, they will consult customer support. Some questions are asked frequently due to which websites have created this page where the commonly asked questions are answered. PrimeHolders has also followed this principle and you can find a detailed FAQs section on this platform. In this section, you can find answers to questions pertaining to this trading platform that traders have asked or tend to ask frequently.  

The FAQs section of PrimeHolders is quite impressive because the platform has gone to great lengths to ensure that users can get answers to every possible question they might have about their services. They have started with the very basics i.e. introduced traders to the concept of digital assets and cryptocurrencies before progressing on how to use the platform itself to begin trading. There are answers about how to make an account, change language settings and about payments and withdrawals as well.  

If you were wondering whether your country is supported on the platform or not, this information is also available in the FAQs section and some technical information is also provided for those who may have trouble in navigating PrimeHolders. But, perhaps, the most spectacular element of the FAQs section is that at the end, the platform has stated that they are open to making additions to this section if the questions asked by traders fall  into the important category. This means that traders can send in their queries and they might be featured in the FAQs section if it is important for trading and is one that is often asked by a number of traders.  

Suffice it to say that while the craze of cryptocurrency trading has overtaken people and they are eager to get started, they first need to sign up with PrimeHolders. This is because it is a network that’s both reputable and trustworthy and has kept up with the innovations in technology to provide traders with a comprehensive solution for all their trading needs. It is a more confident way of stepping into the cryptocurrency market and it allows you to trade some of the most profitable and big cryptocurrencies in the market.  

Apart from that, the security of the platform and also its exceptional customer support services work in its favor and can convince even the most cautious traders to use PrimeHolders when they are interested in investing in this market. Lastly, the reduced cost of trading is also a boon that only PrimeHolders can offer, making it a wise choice in the long term.  

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