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Mark Cuban’s View of Bitcoin (BTC) seems to be Changing

Dec 30, 2020

It is true that over the course of time, Bitcoin (BTC) has gained a lot of support from many high-profile personalities from around the world. However, the number of supporters that Bitcoin (BTC) managed to muster is way less than the number of people that have opposed it.

There are people that have opposed the very existence of Bitcoin (BTC) as a financial asset. Some have even made sarcastic comments saying that they would rather invest in fruits than invest in Bitcoin (BTC).

When it comes to people that have opposed Bitcoin (BTC) a lot, Mark Cuban is a personality that earns the spotlight. Mark Cuban is known as the owner of the Dallas Mavericks and is a prominent billionaire investor.

However, it seems that Bitcoin (BTC) in the Christmas season has finally started changing Cuban’s views around Bitcoin (BTC). There are many that are now thinking that soon, Mark Cuban would become one of the top supporters of Bitcoin (BTC).

These speculations come in right after Cuban’s announcement that he made through his Twitter account on December 23, 2020. The announcement that Cuban made was related to Bitcoin (BTC) and shocked the entire cryptocurrency community, as well as the fans of Dallas Mavericks.

In his announcement, Cuban mentioned that the customers who use Bitcoin (BTC) to purchase Mavericks’ merchandise/gear would receive a 25% discount. However, it was later revealed that the things were not as simple as Cuban claimed them to be for the fans.

It was confirmed that it was not a 25% discount that the fans were going to get but a gift card and even the gift card had a condition. It was confirmed that the fans using Bitcoin (BTC) to purchase over $150 worth of gear would receive a gift card worth $25.

No matter the discount or gift card, what has surprised many analysts and observers is Cuban’s sudden interest in Bitcoin (BTC). Mark Cuban is the personality that has always opposed and despised Bitcoin (BTC). He is known to have opposed the idea of investing in Bitcoin (BTC) and once stated that he would rather invest or trade-in Bananas than do it in Bitcoin (BTC).

The sudden change in the billionaire’s change of view proves how much trust the Bitcoin (BTC) has gained even among the groups that once criticized it. Similar to Mark Cuban, there was Michael J. Saylor, who had always shared his concerns whenever the topic of investing in Bitcoin (BTC) popped up.

However, in the year 2020, Saylor alongside his company ‘MicroStrategy’ has made around $500 million worth of investments in Bitcoin (BTC). Michael J. Saylor recently announced that the company is planning to make another investment in Bitcoin that would be worth around $650 million.

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