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Latest Bitcoin Promoter of Hollywood Has Something to Say

Jul 14, 2021

Iconic actor and director Spike Lee is virtually portraying his cultural beliefs in his recent advertisement. ATM operator Coin Cloud. During a recent ad for cryptocurrency ATM operator Coin Cloud, iconic Hollywood actor Spike Lee visually brought up cultural debate in the wake of the digital world. Spike Lee openly criticized the political hegemony of the USA. He now decided to bring the cultural aspects of Bitcoin on the screen.

He is directing and acting in his latest commercial ad funded by the Coin Cloud. Coin Cloud is a digital hut that allows users to invest in Bitcoin. Like the corporate world, Hollywood celebrities have also developed strong ties with the crypto world. Previously Alec Baldwin acted as a virtual narrator for or cryptocurrency exchange eToro. In another incident, Neil Patrick Harris offered his expertise to promote CoinFlip: a bitcoin ATM network. Lee voiced that the traditional income paradigm pushed the middle class further down. However, digital assets have created an ecosystem where growth is possible for all. “The digital rebellion is the future for mankind.”

This ad seems to be showing the power of Bitcoin. This advertisement has offered power to those people who got neglected by the traditional financial markets. Lee thinks that the ever-popular bitcoin market can coexist with the traditional market.  It will further integrate digital culture. There has been a cultural debate about cryptocurrency fulfilling the corporate social responsibility ignored by traditional companies.

However, Spike Lee is the latest addition to the list of Bitcoin companies that have hired actors. Lee is not new when it comes to bashing out the status quo for making the life of many citizens worse than hell. Lee believes that digital assets are here to save the masses from the corporate slavery of trillion-dollar financial markets.

Acquiring Bitcoins via this ATM will make life easy for bitcoin traders.  These kiosks are frequently reachable digital platforms.  Lee further added that cannot ignore the economic and social disparities of the traditional world. I explain the via my work and have been doing this for almost four decades. That might be the reason I was asked for the direction of this world.

There are some other actors and actresses who share the same opinion about cryptocurrency trading within society. An overwhelming majority agreed that there is a cultural aspect behind accepting Bitcoin as a legal entity, they believe that digital assets have created a sense of equal opportunities for everyone. Only time will tell that how the release of this high-profile Hollywood advertisement will shape up society. One thing is certain that crypto trading has emerged as an alternative for people.

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