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Jubiter Crypto Exchange Review

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Jubiter Review by Bentley Kapoor
Jubiter Review by Bentley Kapoor

Jubiter Review

There are a number of cryptocurrency exchange markets, but not many of them have all the traits that could make bitcoin and other altcoin users, to continually make use of their exchange services.

It seems the pioneer cryptocurrency exchanges are beginning to get more inconveniencing, and more expensive to use due to their increasing service charge rates. Hence, more crypto exchanges are beginning to appear on the scene; with each of them trying to come up with the best innovations as possible, and as far as crypto exchange is concerned. One of these relatively recent exchanges is the Jubiter.com cryptocurrency exchange. The Jubiter exchange present four basic use functions for cryptocurrency users. Hence, users can either buy, sell, store, or exchange their digital assets on the platform.

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Features of the Jubiter crypto exchange

Jubiter crypto exchange has some eye catching trait features, that could turn out to be the market advantage for the platform. Some of these features includes the following:

  • The platform allows a reasonable amount of security for each registered account, using sensitive data encryption. Thus there are reduced chances of hacker fraud on user’s individual funds. The exchange achieves this by providing cold storage, login guard, and two factor authentication security features.
  • Jubiter allows the use of credit and debit cards for purchase of bitcoin and litecoin digital currencies, while the user can also send fiat funds obtained via crypto sales, to a local bank account. This removes the tedious processes associated with transactions on exchanges that are restricted to crypto use alone, as well as providing instant buy, sell and exchange transaction services for the platform users.
  • The exchange provides good customer service support for its users. This is one important feature of the platform that may allow more users to conveniently initiate transactions on the exchange. After all, the support team are commendably responsive.
  • Bitcoin chart trends and current pricing are also characteristic features of the exchange home page. Registered users can also actively calculate bitcoin price and quantity per time, before initiating a transaction.

With information available on the exchange, the management is working to include other useful features that could further bring convenience to the platform users. Notable amongst them is the provision of a bitcoin debit card, which is already said to be in the offing. Other altcoins are also to be traded on the exchange, as the exchange may soon add the enabling features to do so.

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