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Franklin Templeton Plans To Hire A Cryptocurrency Trader And Researcher

Sep 15, 2021

Franklin Templeton revealed plans to hire a crypto research analyst and trader to spice up the plans for the new investment unit for the firm focused on the digital assets’ ecosystem.

As of July ending, the total funds managed by the California-based fund group is about $1.56 trillion. Earlier, the company had hired Legg Mason, a renowned asset manager, making them an authority in the traditional financial industry but now seeking to dive into the crypto space.

According to a job listing posted on September 1, the firm is looking for a crypto trader who will use his strategies to execute trades with the popular, most liquid tradable, and listed crypto assets.

The job description of the crypto trader includes the processing of an automation mindset and collaboration with developers to build tools that will help the growth of the unit. The hired trader will also create insights and come up with on-point quantitative trading strategies.

According to a different job listing posted on the same day, the firm also wants to hire a crypto research analyst who will be saddled with the responsibility of developing and maintaining the valuation models. He will also keep the senior executives and portfolio managers abreast of the recent regulations in the space, business, and staking opportunities. The researcher will also contribute to the development and management of a new product from the new crypto investment unit of the firm.

The job listing also revealed that the trader would work with the firm’s crypto management team, and the research will be a part of the crypto asset management unit. What is unclear to the audience, however, is if the two teams are different.

A research analyst in the equity group of Franklin Templeton, Anthony Hardy, wrote in a blog post in March that one of the factors contributing to the BTC bull run is its availability to act as an inflation hedge in a low-interest rate space. Another contribution came from the rise of DeFi and institutional adoption.

In his writing, Hardy noted that the birth of new financial space could be managed together with the traditional one. “Of course, there will still be rise and fall in the market, but the technological feat brought by the crypto innovation will be written in indelible ink,” he said.

The Franklin Templeton job listing came amid the rise in the involvement of many financial-inclined firms in the crypto space.

Various companies like Goldman Sachs and the Bank of America announced plans earlier to explore the crypto space by committing funds to it.

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