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Famous Youtuber Expects to Sell NFT For $500,000

Apr 13, 2021

Youtubers are as popular as any celebrity belonging to the industries of movies, tv, sports, fashion, etc. But what if someone realizes that throughout life working freelancing would make him or her earn handsome money.

 Ali Spagnola, who is a famous Youtube celebrity and widely known by the name “Ali”, unearthed a shocking fact.

Ali is a painter which paints creative arts through imagery for fun and mostly freelancing. She has been in the field for more than 14 years now and sold its paints for free.

But for the past few months, she told through her Youtube channel that her friends were suggesting she to issue an NFT. However, she never considered the idea until very recently when she decided to listen to the advice.

She said that throughout her freelance career she has developed exactly 2,809 paintings. Yet all of them were given to the owners free of any cost. In return, she was appreciated and earned local and international popularity. But she was not familiar with the concept of NFT which was apprised to her by some of her online fans. The idea of launching her own NFT looked quite promising to her, she suggested. Although she was completely novice towards NFT she was also a popular Bitcoiner as well.

Her popularity is global as she has more than 345,000 fans who have subscribed to her Youtube channel. Similarly, while she has more than 2.4 Twitter fans yet her popularity at Tiktok is also in millions.

For whom Ali has created art pieces, she never charged a dime instead she encouraged them to donate if they wanted to. Once there was a person for whom she had created a painting and in return, the person donated a Bitcoin. She kept it safe and totally forgotten that she had owned a Bitcoin. She has recently reminded that she had a Bitcoin for which she is glad as its price is going above US$ 60,000.

On 9th of April, 2021, Ali posted her video message at her official Youtube channel. In this video, she was talking to her fans and informed them that she had developed an NFT. She informed that the single NFT contained all the paintings which she had created in the past 14 years. She apprised that for selling her NFT she hired the services of Opensea.io. She is expecting a price of US$ 500 K for the NFT comprising her artwork spreading over 14 years’ time.

In the message, she thanked all of her fans for supporting her throughout her career. Currently, her NFT has received the last bid of US$ 5,722 but still, there are 19 days left in the closing of the bid. She is hoping that she’d be able to earn what she has been expecting.

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