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eToro: A New Way of Smarter Trading

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eToro Review by Bentley Kapoor

eToro Review

Before the advent and the craze to make transactions with cryptocurrencies, eToro has been established as a social trading establishment. As a world leading trading network, eToro has been existing for the past 12 years. Founded in Tel Aviv, Israel, with headquarters in Cyprus and London, with a community of 5 million users from over 160 countries, and over half a billion trades so far.

eToro, unlike others, regulated and authorized by the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission, and licensed to carry out forex businesses in the US, Australia, New Zealand and other regulatory bodies other countries. It is a network which provides an easy, confident and transparent way of trading and investing commodities, currencies (including cryptocurrencies) online.

We’ll be looking at the features of eToro, to see why it stands out from other trading networks.

Unique features of eToro

  • Sleek interface.

New users and enthusiasts visiting the page for the first time will observe that eToro is notable for its sleek interface, which allows users to navigate seamlessly around the network, and a customer service page to contact. eToro is also available for Android and IOS users, to make trading smooth and hitch-free.

  • OpenBook.

Since its launch 12 years ago, eToro has kept its reputation as the Facebook for traders. OpenBook, like Facebook, is one of the innovative platforms of eToro, aimed at enabling users to connect with other traders and investors from all over the world. The OpenBook help to improve the financial intelligence of users, as they can tap into the wisdom of cryptocurrency experts from across the world, as they can see transactions these persons have carried out.

  • CopyTrader.

When a user surfs through the list of traders on the eToro network and is impressed by the transactions and expertise of another user, he has the option to follow or copy. If followed, the newbie will receive updates of each trades the user makes. In the case of clicking the copy button, the newbie’s account will automatically copy every trade executed on the expert’s account.

eToro will always ask you to assign an amount to the user you want to copy. If for instance, you assign $200 to a user (let’s say, Janus), and Janus transacts with 50% worth his own money into an investment, 50% of your $200 will also go into that investment, and when he begins to realise his profit, you will too, in the same proportion.


Trading online has become easier lately with the advancements in technology increased over time. But one has to come to terms with the fact trading in a network that is trustworthy and reputable does have its perks. That is why eToro assures: a more confident way of online trading.

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