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Cryptocurrencies are Very Risky Even Though Mainstream Adoption is on the Rise

May 20, 2021

It has become a common trend that whenever the overall cryptocurrency industry experiences a dip, the regulatory authorities come into action. No matter the country or region, the regulatory authorities are always concerned about the welfare of the country and the well-being of its citizens.

In the past 12 years, the cryptocurrency industry has covered many regions and has gained a strong footing in many countries. There are many countries that have even adopted cryptocurrencies to boost their economies such as South Korea.

However, the regulatory authorities are always on the lookout for any situations in the crypto-verse that can result in huge monetary loss for its public. Therefore, whenever the cryptocurrencies start showing a bearish run, the regulatory authorities take it upon themselves to re-iterate citizens. They aim to remind the citizens about the risks involved when carrying out cryptocurrency investments.

The regulatory authorities issue reminders and intimations for their public and financial institutions dealing with cryptocurrencies. In these reminders, the regulators remind the public and firms about the risky nature of cryptocurrencies and how unregulated they are.

Now that the cryptocurrency industry has been experiencing a downfall since last week, the regulators have become active around cryptocurrencies. They have started issuing warning letters and notices to their locals about the risks involved in crypto investments.

Just recently, it was the regulatory authority of Canada that took the liberty of reminding its public about risks involving cryptocurrencies. The central bank of Canada has reminded the public that the cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) are continuing to be high-risk assets.

It has intimated that the individual, as well as institutional investors, must remain wary of the cryptocurrency industry’s current market dip. The entire cryptocurrency industry is currently experiencing a bearish nature and the situation does not seem to be getting any better.

Therefore, the regulatory authority has suggested public and institutional investors be very cautious with their investments. At present, the cryptocurrency adoption rate in the country is extremely high. Even the mainstream institutions in Canada are investing in cryptocurrencies on a very large scale.

Although the situation is somewhat promising for the cryptocurrency industry in Canada, yet it poses a great risk for investors. The cryptocurrency industry is extremely volatile and has the potential from descending in terms of price and capitalization in a matter of hours.

While the industry has the potential to make people extremely rich, it also has the potential of making people very poor. The entire cryptocurrency community is currently facing the latter and things are not looking good at all.

Therefore, the Canadian regulatory authority is doing whatever it can to create public and mainstream awareness around the risks involved in cryptocurrencies.

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