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Chainbytes Took Over the Task of Installing Bitcoin-Powered ATMs in El Salvador

Jun 26, 2021

One of the best sellers of crypto-powered ATM machines is coming to El Salvador for installing Bitcoin-powered machines in El Salvador. The country allows permission to Chainbytes to establish its manufacturing plant in an effort to help El Salvador to fulfill its commitment towards the legalization of Bitcoin through the “Legal Tender”. Chainbytes says that El Salvador’s manufacturing plant of Bitcoin-powered ATMs would be the primary plant from where machines will be produced and supplied to purchasers, including the US.

Chainbytes LLC is a well-known entity developed and registered in the US. The primary source of income of the company comes from the manufacturing of crypto-powered AMTs. Chainbytes is amongst the top three crypto-ATM production companies in the world. Several thousands of Chainbytes’s manufactured ATMs are already installed in the US as well as in Europe.

Now the company has announced that it will soon be establishing a manufacturing plant in El Salvador.

El Salvador, a country that is part of the Central American region, has recently sanctioned an exclusive “Legal Tender” to Bitcoin (BTC). Bitcoin is now treated as part of the national economy as an alternate currency, acceptable side by side with the USD.

It has been announced by Chainbytes that it will assist El Salvador in fulfilling its commitment towards Bitcoin’s legalization. Chainbytes also hinted that it will develop its Bitcoin-powered manufacturing plant in El Salvador. It also apprised that this manufacturing plant would be the main manufacturing plant of Chainbytes. From the plant of El Salvador, shipments of ATMs will be transported in the US, Europe, LATAM, and other countries as well.

Hainbytes’s CEO, Eric Gill posted a message on Twitter and told that he is excited to move to El Salvador. He said that Chainbytes is going to El Salvador with a vision to make the country a manufacturing hub of crypto-powered ATMs.

While on the other hand, the President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele is glad that his plan is going in the right direction. He stated that he has been offered help voluntarily by global banks and fintech companies for creating a roadmap for Bitcoin in the country. He also told that the country’s engineers have already earmarked more than a dozen sites where Bitcoin mining facilities will be created.

Apparently, the Bitcoin mining process in El Salvador would acquire energy sources through the volcano sites. The steam coming out of the volcanoes will be converted into energy and then power the mining facilities. He also appreciated the efforts of scientists and engineers for ensuring that the process remains non-polluted and clean. Meanwhile, the country would be saving huge expenditures which would have otherwise spent on producing energy through sources such as fuel, etc.

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