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BTCC Review – World’s leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

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BTCC Review by Bentley Kapoor

BTCC Review

With cryptocurrency infiltrating almost all aspects of human existence, the popularity of cryptocurrency exchange platforms have continued to grow at an incredible speed.

One of such cryptocurrency exchange platform that has maintained steady growth in popularity and in customer base is Chinese based BTCC. This article tries to critically examine the platform, reviewing its promises and how it is living up to them.

What is BTCC?

BTCC became the first Bitcoin exchange of Chinese origin when it got established in 2011. It has since then transformed into one of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange platform, meeting and surpassing all expectations. Today, it is in the top 20 exchanges when ranked by 24-hour trading volume.

The exchange has overtime gained popularity for its BTC/CNY pair. It has channeled its operation to just a few ranges of pairs, focusing especially on the smaller number of high-volume pairs. Other popular pairs on the network include: BTC/USD, LT/CNY, and LTC/BTC.

Apart from operating as an exchange platform, BTCC also majors in a mining pool. Its mining pool has in fact grown to become one of the largest mining pools in the world, consisting of a very significant percentage of the world’s Bitcoin computing power.

To use the exchange, the platform has provided users with two comprehensive websites: BTCC.com for international users and BTCChina.com for users that are resident in China.

Let’s take a short moment to consider some of the features that this amazing platform promises, and how it had been delivering on them.

Features Of BTCC

Like most other top exchanges, BTCC has been working round the clock to make its platform comprehensive, secure and professional. Here’s how it’s been doing it.

Comprehensive: over the years, BTCC has been putting together every necessary measure to ensure that its platform is encompassing enough to offer almost all aspects of Bitcoin solutions. It is among many things a digital currency exchange platform, a payment platform, a mining pool, and a consumer wallet. It doesn’t just provide these services; it does excellently well to make them simple enough for even newbies.

Secure: It is not a big surprise that BTCC is ranked among top exchange platforms regarding security considering that it has inculcated advanced protocols to keep clients’ funds secured in offline cold storage. Some of the critical security features that are guaranteed by BTCC includes SSL encrypted traffic, geographically redundant cloud servers and strict procedures.

Professional: BTCC ranks high regarding professionalism. As an exchange platform, BTCC has raised up a team of professionals that are highly experienced in industry operations and are from some of the world’s leading Internet and E-commerce platforms.


The Chinese based cryptocurrency exchange platform has proven to be the real deal, operating in the most dynamic style, but followers are still watching to see how well it maintains the present standard it has set for itself as one of the world’s top cryptocurrency exchange platform.

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