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Avalon-WM Review – Trade Bitcoin With Avalon-WM

May 19, 2021

Avalon-WM Review

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Avalon-WM is providing its services in the market of online trading as a broker. If you are looking for a brokerage firm that is working in a professional environment and want to earn some money more than your average income, then this Avalon-WM review is going to tell you everything regarding this platform. We will cover the major features that make Avalon-WM stand out from other platforms.

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Ever since the introduction of Bitcoin, the popularity of cryptocurrency has increased a lot. But before that, there were already tons of assets in the online market which were being traded by millions of traders, but cryptocurrency changed the game and attracted many traders towards itself. Let us start from the basics. If you know the history, then you would probably know that trades used to happen through physical means. Traders used to travel thousands of miles in order to sell their products, and it was not easy at all. But as time went on and civilization advanced, markets got bigger and more accessible to every trader. The real change occurred after the introduction of computers and the internet. At first, it was not accessible to the average person, but now it is in every house. This has enabled new ways to trade different assets, and that is exactly what we are going to talk about in this article.

If a trader is willing to trade online, then there are plenty of options available. But cryptocurrency is the most popular nowadays because of the price increase of Bitcoin. If you don’t know how cryptocurrencies got so popular, then let me tell you if we go back to 2009, traders were not very much familiar with this new concept of digital currency. In fact, many traders didn’t even show any interest in this market and thought it had no future. As time went on, Bitcoin faced many ups and downs. The prices of one Bitcoin started with pennies and went higher and higher as time went on. Now the price of one Bitcoin is almost $50,000, which is unbelievable for the traders who thought it would have no future, but it is true. And along with Bitcoin, there are many other cryptocurrencies as well, which possess so much potential and traders are really interested in trading them.

But if you are reading this article, then probably you wouldn’t know much about online trading, or you must be looking for a good broker. Let us start with what a broker actually is? A broker basically provides you the platform where you can trade any asset that is being offered. A broker is also going to help you along the way because he has experience in the field and knows everything regarding trading. You can imagine how important a broker is. It can literally ruin or enhance your trading experience. Let me tell you how. If you are a broker who has been trading for a while now and knows everything about how trading works, but you are working with a broker who doesn’t have the latest technology or professional team to accompany you, then your experience is of no use. On the other hand, if you have recently joined online trading and don’t know anything about trading and how it works, but you have registered with a good broker like Avalon-WM, then the experienced team of the platform is going to help you to earn those high profits.

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The real confusion starts when you have to find a good broker, there are many platforms that are offering their services in the market of online trading. Some of them are scams, while others are not providing the best services. In order to help you find a good broker, I have done the research and found one of the best brokerage firms, which is named Avalon-WM. This broker has many features that are really fascinating and will definitely benefit traders. So let us dive deep into this platform and find out what this platform offers to its customers.

Trading Platform Of Avalon-WM

A trading platform is one of the most important factors which makes a broker good or bad. Avalon-WM doesn’t disappoint its customers in any way. That is why it is offering one of the best trading platforms. The trading platform is an important factor because it is the interface that is going to be used by the trader. So it is very necessary for the platform to be really good. Just like some of the top-ranked brokers, Avalon-WM is offering a really good trading platform that caters to the needs of all of the traders. Let us talk a bit about why a good trading platform is necessary for a broker. As a trader, everything from making an account to trading and managing your assets is being handled through a platform. This means a trader would use the platform almost every day. Other than that, a trading platform must consist of the latest trading tools and technology in order to enhance the experience of the trader.

With Avalon-WM, you are going to experience one of the best trading platforms. The trading platform of Avalon-WM is so well optimized and designed that it caters to the needs of every individual. If we look at the types of traders, there are many types. Some are experienced enough to handle big games and require advanced trading tools, while others are willing to have a more user-friendly platform. Either of the types is welcomed by Avalon-WM, and this proves the professionalism and devotion of the platform to achieve customer satisfaction. The trading platform of Avalon-WM is so well optimized that it has everything that would help advanced traders. This includes the latest technology, graphs, charts and much more as well. But everything is kept in its place. This means nothing is just roaming around in the platform, and everything is organized in a way that will help experienced traders to use advanced trading tools, but also kept extremely simple that it doesn’t require any experience to get used to it. New traders who don’t have much knowledge about the platform can easily get used to the platform and take advantage of it.

If you are worried about getting a new laptop or computer to start trading because your friend had to get one as well, then that is not the case with this platform. This is why Avalon-WM is one of the best trading platforms because it offers multiple trading platforms which cater to the needs of every type of trader. If you are an old-school trader and have a computer at home or laptop, then you can take advantage of the software that is optimized for Windows laptops and computers. These softwares are easy to install and take a few minutes to get you in. but you don’t have to worry if you don’t have a computer or laptop. You don’t have to worry even if you want to trade on a more handy device like a tablet or your mobile phone because Avalon-WM is offering IOS and Android applications as well. These applications are designed for mobile phones and tablets to give you all of the features on your tablet or mobile, so now you don’t have to sacrifice any of the cool and useful features of Avalon-WM just because you don’t have a computer. The third and last option that traders have is a web-based trading platform. This platform is extremely easy to use and super fast. It doesn’t require any installation or waits. All you have to do is head out to the platform, sign in by giving your credentials, and start trading. It doesn’t matter what device you are using, whether you want to trade on your mobile phone, laptop, tablet, or computer; Avalon-WM has got you covered.

For the young traders who don’t have much knowledge regarding trading and how it works, Avalon-WM has designed an educational program for you. In this program, you are going to be taught everything related to trading and how it works. This education will help you to achieve those high goals by earning big profits. But if you have the basic knowledge of how trading works and want to just increase your exposures, then this program will help you as well.

Avalon-WM trading platform

Types Of Wallets

In real life, almost everyone has a wallet, in which you keep your cards and cash. But how can you keep your digital currency in your everyday wallet? That is not the case, actually. For digital currencies, like cryptocurrency, there are special wallets in which you can keep your currency safe and secure. Avalon-WM is offering you wallet service as well because it knows that after buying an asset, you have to keep it safe as well, and that is when these wallets come in handy. It is essential for every trader to have a digital wallet, but it is extremely important to understand the types of the wallet before you choose yours.

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There are two types of wallets, Hot wallet, and Cold Wallet. First, let us talk about hot wallets, which are also known as online wallets or software-based wallets. These wallets are basically software that keeps all the data of your currency and helps you to keep your currency safe. It is one of the most used types of wallets, and many traders prefer this type of wallet for their everyday trading. But it should be kept in mind that these wallets are not as safe as cold wallets. Besides the encryption and security protocols to make hot wallets secure, they are still more prone to hackers and scammers. Then, we have cold wallets or offline wallets. These wallets are not connected to the internet, and hence they are more secure than hot wallets. But these wallets are not that easy to access. Let me tell you why. If you have ever seen an external hard drive or USB, these wallets are just like that. They are a piece of hardware that connects to your device and keeps your digital currencies in it. As these wallets are not connected to the internet, it is very hard to get a hold of such wallets, which makes them the most secure type of wallets.

Now that you know everything regarding types of wallets, so let me tell you that Avalon-WM is offering you both types. Yes, it is true. If you are willing to use hot wallets for convenience or cold wallets to keep your long-term currencies, Avalon-WM has got you covered in both cases. The trading that you do on an everyday basis is done through hot wallets. This makes your everyday payments extremely fast and easy. But the savings that you are willing to keep for longer times are stored in offline wallets to keep them secure and safe from hackers.

No Compromise On The Security

In the world of the internet and computers, there is always a risk of getting scammed, and hackers are constantly on the lookout for preys to scam and loot. This is why platforms like brokers and exchanges need to focus on the security department to make their platforms secure. But not every platform does their job completely, there are many loose points in other platforms which are in competition with Avalon-WM, but this platform doesn’t compromise on the security at all.

As being a regulated firm, Avalon-WM adopted many privacy and security policies like KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) policies to make its platform secure. These policies are made by many financial regulatory authorities to ensure that there is no illegal or scam activity happening on the platform. KYC policy requires new customers to give proof of identity and residence. This proof can be given through your national identity card, utility bill, or credit card bill. This is why when you are registering with Avalon-WM, you are required to submit these documents in order to meet the requirements of the authorities. On the other hand, AML policy stops any type of illegal activity like money laundering.

Avalon-WM has used the latest encryption technology to make its platform secure. As a trader, you should keep in mind that there are many things that need to be kept safe. The first one is your money, of course, that you invest with the platform, and other than that, there is also your financial and personal information like name, address, and credit card details which you provide when you are registering yourself with the platform. So in order to keep this information and your money safe, Avalon-WM has secured its platform with the latest encryption technology like SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology to keep your data safe from hackers.

Account Types Of Avalon-WM

As we have discussed before, there are different types of traders. Some are experienced, while others are new to the field. So it is not practical to have one type of account for every trader. This is why Avalon-WM is offering multiple types of trading accounts based on the needs of traders. These account types are listed below:

  • Nano Trader 

The first type of account that is offered by Avalon-WM is known as the nano account, which is the very basic account made for the young traders who are still in the learning phase. This type of account can be opened with the minimum amount of $1000 and has many fascinating features as well, like a senior account consultant who is going to help you manage your account and trades. The leverage of 1:10 is also offered to nano account holders along with many more features as well.

  • Mega Trader

This account is designed for intermediate traders, and the minimum amount to open this account is kept as low as $2,500, which is quite low for the features that this account offers. It offers the leverage of 1:30, the ability to trade cryptocurrencies and Stocks, two live trading seminars to help you improve your trading ability, and much more as well.

  • Pro Trader

For the professional traders, Avalon-WM has designed this account named pro traders. This account can be opened with a minimum amount of $5,000. The price is kept a bit high because professional traders tend to play big games, unlike young traders who are interested in investing less amount of money. As a professional account holder, a pro trader account unlocks the option to trade any asset that you want with the leverage of up to 1:50 and advanced trading seminars, which will tell you more advanced trading techniques.

  • Ultra Trader

This is the highest level of an account which is made for the most experienced traders. It starts from a minimum deposit of $10,000 which is quite a huge amount for young traders but nothing for experienced traders. This account offers you the leverage of 1:100 with a personal crypto trading advisor, which will guide you where to invest in the market of cryptocurrencies.


As you have gone through everything you need to know before choosing your broker, Avalon-WM is definitely one of the best choices that a trader has at the moment. Now it is in the hands of traders to choose what is best for them, but by looking at the reviews and testimonials of Avalon-WM, it looks like it is not easy to choose any other brokerage firm at the moment this one.

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