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A Review Of The Paybito Exchange By Hashcash

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Paybito Review by Bentley Kapoor

PayBito Exchange Review

In a world of security threats and uncertainties in the digital currency market where many cryptocurrencies are prone to different types of cyber attacks there is a growing need for more implementation of security measures in the market, this is exactly what paybito, a platform developed by HashCash Consultants is about.   

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What Is Paybito 

Paybito is one of the leading cryptocurrency platforms that trades assets globally.  It is a security focused multi signature, high frequency trading platform for cryptocurrencies and other digital assets that makes use of bank level security features to protect it’s users from hacks and other cyber security threats. It has been offering white label cryptocurrency exchange to a lot of different enterprises in the industry. The platform can also operate in decentralized mode and it is segwit enabled.   

How Paybito Works 

The platform conducts a series of tests before it’s users are allowed to load their wallet to purchase from the app, amongst these tests are; the KYC and the AML checks.  The white label of the platform provides a four tier KYC module for different trading volume levels of traders.  There is also a feature that offers API which allows for integration with KYC service providers.  The platform implements a series of security architectures which are the multi signature cold vault,  data encryption, identity and access management and controls, hot wallet, monitoring and login, firewall protection, etc.   

Some of the digital assets and cryptocurrencies supported by the platform are Ethereum, HCX, Litecoin,  Bitcoin, ER 20 tokens and Bitcoin cash for users around the globe after they have gone through the KYC/AML checks that are required for the particular jurisdictions they are in, but for users in America and India, the platform supports the US dollars and INR. The platform has already gained popularity all over the world especially in the United States and other global markets for cryptocurrencies.  

About HashCash Consultants 

HashCash Consultants are a group of developers based in California that started out as a group of Blockchain consulting company in the year 2015. Today however, they have developed to a platform that enables enterprises in the digital currency industry to settle payments and move assets across boarders in a quick time.  The platform currently has over a hundred enterprises from 26 countries making use of it’s products. The team of developers is headed by Raj Chowdhury who is the managing director of HashCash Consultants.   


The introduction of paybito exchange into the cryptocurrency market is doing a great work revolutionizing the security of the industry and making crypto transactions more safe.

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